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You can now share content from your iPhone with a Nest Hub through AirPlay, how?

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You all know that there are two wireless standards when it comes to sharing content between our mobile phones and multimedia devices like Google Home, HomePod, etc. It is about Chromecast on the one hand and AirPlay on the other. The two, forbidden territories, separated and alien to each other. And the two belonging to Google and Apple, respectively. Water and oil? So, when you have an iphone you know that the only way to get performance out of a Chromecast or a Nest Hub (with a screen) is through those applications that are programmed to allow the sending of audio and video signals. It is the example of Netflix, Disney +, HBO, YouTube, Movistar +, Prime Video and a long list of alternatives. Now, what happens if we want to send a photo from the reel of our iPhone? The AirPlay barrier is over If you are in that position that you cannot send a photo or a video hosted in your iPhone’s gallery, then you have to be imaginative because AirPlay is not available on Chromecast-compatible devices. Or maybe yes? In the last hours, a platform that acts as a bridge to get our Google Nest Home devices to be managed through HomeKit (from Apple) on our iPhone screens. The name of this application is Starling Home Hub Connection and now it has just been updated to add AirPlay support in such a way that any Google device will be able to reproduce what we send it wirelessly, from the iOS operating system itself. That is, from the photo gallery, from a movie that we play with the new Apple TV app, etc. Even from Chromecast compatible apps like Netflix, etc. What they have achieved from that platform is nothing more than eliminating the communication barriers that existed between the two ecosystems, consciously separated by their respective managers, Apple and Google, and which prevented a total integration with all the hardware of the Mountain View. After all, when it comes to connected devices, those in Cupertino have the HomeKit standard and a complete range of compatible products, but on the Android side we have a catalog, surely, much larger. Of course, opting for Starling Home Hub Connection is doing it for an efficient solution, which has a cost (about $ 89 for life) and which is focused on those users who are really going to take advantage of all its advantages of connection with devices associated with the Google Home standard: thermostats, alarms, lighting and, now, AirPlay.

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