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You can now protect all your tabs incognito in Chrome with Face ID, do you know how?

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chrome’s incognito mode is one of the most used in the browser, both on computers and mobile devices because, on paper, it allows us to visit the websites completely anonymously and avoid that tracking that collects a huge amount of information about what we do , when we do it and where we do it. So it is normal that many users opt for this option of Google Chrome to the detriment of the traditional, open one and where anyone can check what we do. Even so, those from Mountain View believe that they can protect even more the security of those pages that we visit and have chosen to add an extra capable of biometric certification that, in the case of iPhones, can be of two types: Touch ID for the most old (except the SE of 2020) or face ID for the most modern. Close the door to other eyes With this function, users can already protect those incognito tabs that we have open in Chrome with biometric factors, so that when we want to return to them to continue reading we will have to use our face or fingertip to open it. This measure, without a doubt, seeks to protect our privacy, more than from those who want our data on the internet, from curious eyes who want to check the pages we visit. The version that allows this incognito mode shielding is Chrome 92, which has begun to be distributed in the last few hours through the Apple Store. What’s more, in Spain we already have it available to download / update, announcing this as one of the most important changes. Even so, at this time, after looking for the options in the configuration menu we have not found any trace of how to activate it. At the moment in which it is already operational, the way to add biometric verification to the incognito tabs is by accessing the Chrome settings on your iPhone or iPad, then the privacy functions and, finally, telling the browser to block “Incognito tabs when closing Chrome”. From that moment, every time we enter a hidden session, the iPhone will ask us to verify that it is us. Anyway, unlocking these tabs with Face ID or Touch ID can become a small horror of lost time, so if you decide to activate it, your good reasons must have to keep that information safe from the surveillance of other people.

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