You can now hire the Government Internet: 35 euros for 100 Mbps for rural areas

you can now hire the government internet: 35 euros for
you can now hire the government internet: 35 euros for

Last year, the Government launched a plan to provide Internet to rural areas and remote areas where 50 Mbps Internet did not even reach. Now it is possible to hire a satellite Internet service with 100 Mbps download for 35 euros per month.

In an effort to digitize, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation decided to launch the UNICO Rural Demand Plan so that there is Internet of at least 50 Mbps throughout Spain. In fact, this plan is specifically in charge of the areas where said speed could not be achieved and now the minimum there will be 100 Mbps.

SINGLE Rural Demand Plan

As we were able to see from the moment of its call, and we duly informed you at ADSLZone, the UNICO Rural Demand Plan is designed to guarantee 100 Mbps Internet access for any inhabitant, municipality, SME, self-employed person or non-profit organization and is You can request the service through participating operators.

Rural Internet

Finally, it was decided to provide satellite internet access. This will be offered in rural or remote areas where there is currently no Internet access of at least 50 Mbps. These measures are the first step to implement the UNICO Broadband program in 2023, in line with the Digital Spain agenda and the Recovery Plan. In the event that there is still an area without coverage of more than 50 Mbps, but it has not been included in the list of eligible areas that can be consulted on the map, the user may communicate it through the email address UNICO- [email protected], indicating the 14-digit cadastral reference.

In the event that an area is marked in blue on the map of the Ministry’s website, it means that it does not have Internet access of at least 50 Mbps and therefore the installation of satellite Internet can be requested. The client will receive a package in which they will find everything they need to start browsing: satellite modem (HT20X0/HT20X0W), tria/ODU (HB210-L), antenna (74cm / 90cm) Azimuth/Elevation control for antenna, mast and coaxial cable.

It will be the responsibility of each retail operator to have a network of installers that allows the deployment of the service in the area in which it operates, using the corresponding satellite kits.

100 Mbps for 35 euros

The service right now has 100 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload (although currently it is possible to reach 10 Mbps in 73% of the territory) and has a monthly fee of 35 euros per month and can be contracted through a series of operators, depending on the province. You can check who offers it in your area on the web In addition, as of January 2024, the service minimums will increase to 200 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload for all areas integrated into the map of eligible locations.

The service is not subject to permanence some with the retail operator with which it is contracted and its provision is guaranteed until December 31, 2027. The limitations come in the form of gigabytes consumed.

“Minimum monthly data limit: 150 Gigabytes/month cumulative on the upstream and downstream pool. Once the 150 GB is exceeded, the service will not be interrupted, but the user will have a lower priority in accessing the resources available on the network resource platform. However, additional data limits (extra GB) will be enabled, which the end user may contract with the retail operator, so that, through them, the end user recovers the initial priority.

Similarly, there will be a time slot in which the gigabytes consumed will not count for this loss of priority. The free zone It will be for a period of 5 hours, between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., during which the volume of data consumed by users does not account for the monthly fee.

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