You can now disable autoplay on Netflix, you know how?

We have been hearing for some time that Netflix wanted to give us the opportunity to configure at our leisure one of those functions that have characterized the platform since its launch. Not surprisingly, if it is characterized by something, it is because, as soon as one episode ends, the next one quickly jumps with the obvious objective that we continue to stick to the screen.

This, along with the automatic reproduction of the trailers, or the content itself, when we access the tab of a series or movie, had a part of the community in revolt. Remember if not the case of that documentary series about a cat killer that caused a commotion When some people complained to Netflix that when they started the autoplay, without being able to stop it, they had to contemplate images that caused them impact.

Platform option, not application

It must be said that to configure this new option we must go to the web. Either through the browser on our PC or Mac, or within the mobile, because It is not a function that is limited to a specific app, either iOS, Android or Smart TV. It is a parameter that we will have to configure in our profile and that will affect any support where we log in.

Thus, it is time to go to the main Netflix page, choose the profile we want to enter and then, by displaying the menu that appears at the top right, keep the option of ‘Manage profiles’. There It will allow us to choose one of the ones that we have created and select ours by doing click on the avatar.

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Discourage autoplay on Netflix.

Then we will go to a screen like the one you have just above, where in addition to changing the avatar icon, or the name, We will see some options that we can leave activated or not. This is ‘Autoplay Controls’, which is what they just added from Netflix and was not there previously.

As we say, there are two options with their respective selection boxes. The first has to do with Netflix playing the next chapter automatically in a series that we are watching, and the second only concerns the previews of everything on the platform when we navigate through the menus. Note what we were telling you before and that is, by removing these boxes, the configured will be applied to all devices where we see content with our profile, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, a Smart TV, a video game console or an STB.