You can now buy the new Apple TV 4K: these are all the news it brings

In the middle of last October, the manufacturer of the bitten apple presented the new 2022 Apple TV 4K, an improved multimedia player that has come to become the best alternative to Amazon’s new Fire TV Cube.

And, if you were thinking of getting this multimedia player, know that You can now buy the new 2022 Apple TV 4K through the manufacturer’s website.

In this way, and as you can see on the official Apple website, you have two options: bet on the 64 GB Apple TV 4K with WiFi and which has a price of 169 euros, or bet on the 128 GB Apple TV 4K with WiFi and Ethernet port for 189 euros. Taking into account that the previous model only had a 64 GB version and cost 199 euros, the truth is that this new model is an excellent option to consider.

Reasons to buy the new Apple TV 4K 2022

As we told you, the leap in quality offered by the new multimedia player from the Cupertino-based company is quite remarkable. Mainly because the firm founded by Steve Jobs has provided the 2022 Apple TV 4K with all kinds of new features to make a difference.

Apple TV 4K Manzana
Apple TV 4K Manzana


To begin with, the new multimedia player launches a processor from the bitten apple company that is much more powerful than the A12 Bionic of its predecessor. In this way, the A15 Bionic chip is in charge of giving life to this 2022 Apple TV 4K. Thanks to this, its performance has increased by 30% compared to last year’s model.

They have also improved the RAM capacity, which goes from 3 GB to 4 GB, in addition to having a model of 128GB with Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Continuing with all the news that comes with Apple’s new media player, say that the 2022 Apple TV 4K offers support for Dolby vision and now have added HDR10+the other most widely used standard.

There are also new features in the control of the Apple TV 4K since Siri Remote now works with a USB type-C port instead of the characteristic Lightning for charging. Of course, remember that in Europe this player comes without the control charging cable, but any USB Type C model will work for you.

So, if you were considering buying the new 2022 Apple TV 4K, know that it is already available and that it has an unbeatable value for money, unlike other company products whose prices are usually somewhat excessive.

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