You can already buy Windows 11 on a USB (although it’s not worth it)


if you were interested in buying Windows 11, eye the databecause the first official installation images on physical media are finally being put up for sale… But don’t rush, because they’re probably not within your reach, and even if they are, you’re not interested in buying Windows 11 as offered by Microsoft.

Indeed, it has been more than half a year since the new version of the operating system was released in its stable form, but if at first it was only available in a limited way for those users running Windows 10, whose computers met the leonine demands of Windows 11 at the hardware level, buying Windows 11 as such would take time to arrive.

Over time, in addition to the direct update -and free- from Windows 10, it was already possible to buy Windows 11 or, rather, acquire the license, that the system was downloaded separately, if it was to be installed on a new computer. A little later, the first computers with Windows 11 pre-installed began to appear.

However, more than half a year after its official launch, it was still not possible to buy Windows 11 as it had traditionally been done with previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system, that is, buy windows 11 on physical media -usually a CD or DVD- that included not only the system, ready for installation, but also the license.

Well, that product is now available, or what comes to the same thing, you can now buy Windows 11 as you did in the past… with differences, that the years do not pass in vain and components such as DVD players are not so common anymore, much less indispensable as then. Thus, Windows 11 begins to be sold in USB memory format.

But don’t rush to scratch your pocket, he said, because it’s not worth it. For many reasons. The first is that at the moment the availability of the system has only been reported in Best Buy stores in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The second, the friend price to buy Windows 11 in this format: 140 and 200 dollars they cost the Home and Pro versions, respectively.

buy windows 11

Honestly, it is much more worthwhile for you to take advantage of one of the promotions that we usually collect around here and buy Windows 11, or rather, buy a Windows 11 license for 18 euros. Are 100% legitimate licenses, which you can use whenever you want and the savings are obvious. You can download the system for free from the Microsoft site.

Why then does Microsoft Windows sell at such high prices? It always has. There may be a situation where someone wants to buy it this way because they have a very slow Internet connection in which downloading the Windows installation image is torture, because they don’t have a USB handy… Although even in that case it pays to buy the USB at Best buy or wherever and go to a booth or free access point to download.

Another factor to keep in mind is that although the licenses that accompany these packages can only be used on one computer at a time, they do not have a limit on installations on different computers, while digital licenses such as those recommended above do. , since they are linked to the computer’s motherboard… although if necessary it is possible to claim and it usually works.

Be that as it may, between paying 18 euros or 200… It does not compensate. Not one bit. On the Microsoft website, licenses can be purchased a little cheaper, since they do not include physical support, but not even for those.

However, there is a third reason not to rush into buying Windows 11 and it is none other than… the absurdity of the requirements to be able to install the systemwhich is why millions of users are still rooted in Windows 10. If we add to this the unattractiveness -beyond the aesthetic tweaks- that are the changes that Windows 11 has incorporated compared to Windows 10 and the additional problems that they are giving…

White and in a bottle: download Windows 10 for free from the Microsoft site, buy a license for 12 euros and live life until Windows 11 is within your reach, more polished and without stupid restrictions.

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