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Yibber, a platform to broadcast audio content and interact with creators and followers

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There is no doubt that audio-based content is playing a major role in user consumption. An example of this we have in the number of music and podcast platforms that there are. In addition, the latter are living a new golden moment in our days. ClubHouse is another example of the ground that an audio rig can win.

In that sense, we want to present you an alternative that tries to combine the best of the options that already exist. Its name is Yibber and it is a platform where you can broadcast audio content and interact.

The platform to broadcast your audio content

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If we think about options like Spotify, we will see that we can listen to music and podcasts, but not interact with the creators. For its part, the mechanics of ClubHouse are a bit close to this, although the sessions are live. The need for a place where it is possible to consume audio content and interact with creators and fans led to the birth of Yibber.

This new audio content platform offers a place to spread your material and share impressions with your followers. In this way, we have an audio-based social network that integrates everything we need, recording, broadcasting and interaction.

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Being an audio-based platform, the creation of the profile does not escape from it. In that sense, instead of writing a bio, we will have to record it and those who want to know us will listen to it. Additionally, if you have a podcast, you can publish it on Yibber and broadcast it to your other platforms. In this way, thanks to its social component, you will be able to interact with those who listen to you.

Yibber is an alternative worth trying because it is open to everyone. It is available on iOS and Android and the registration process is very simple. If you want to try audio-based platform alternatives, don’t hesitate to give Yibber a try.

For get It, here this link.

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