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Yes, you can use your music files on Spotify and so you can get it

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There are several Music streaming applications that to your surprise do not have your favorite songs (because they are very rare or your own recording). If this happens to you, you should not worry, since you can listen to them by adding them yourself to the platform. Here is a guide on how to add local files to spotify on iOS and Android. The Spotify app has a large number of songs from different genres, but sometimes you may not find songs that exist on other platforms (such as YouTube Music). This is because all these streaming apps have different agreements to fill their database. To solve this, the company allows you to use the application as an offline music player for the files you have saved. We are going to show you how to do this with a simplicity that will surprise you. Add your local music to the Spotify application You don’t have to install anything on the terminal you have, be it iOS or Android, to achieve what we have mentioned. Everything necessary is included in the Spotify application itself, so the process is official and for this reason there is no danger in following it. These are the steps you have to take to complete the process: Open the Spotify application as usual and, on the initial screen, at the top you can find the Settings icon (it is the one with a gear-shaped icon) . Click on it. You will enter a new screen where you will see all the possibilities that exist to customize the operation of the app. Search among all the available ones for one called Local files (it can be on the list or in a specific section, depending on the version you are using of the development). Right next to the option called Local Files, there is a dialer that is disabled, use it to change this, and when you do this, Spotify checks your device storage to find all the sound files you have stored that you want to add. You have finished and you can use the playlist -once imported- like any of the others you have in the Spotify application. Obviously, if you disable the slider again, you stop using this feature. The truth is that, for specific options, it can be an excellent possibility so that the music you have locally does not remain in the trunk of memories. >

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