Yes, iPhones have problems with YouTube, but the solution is very close

Yes, iPhones have problems with YouTube, but the solution is very close

Yes, iPhones have problems with YouTube, but the solution is very close

Sometimes, application updates can become a headache for users and also for the companies themselves. And this is what is happening with Youtube, specifically with the version for some of Apple’s operating systems. Faults have been detected that prevent the correct functioning of the client we are talking about.

The fact is that many users since yesterday have indicated that once they have updated the YouTube application, they have had problems viewing the content on the streaming video platform. These are not exactly minor, since what happens is that it is blocks and therefore cannot be used on a regular basis. Consequently, nothing to be able to see content as you do on a day-to-day basis.

And, furthermore, the solutions common that users usually perform they do not work. Thus, for example, restarting the terminal does not imply any fix, nor does it forcefully close the app and run it again (it is also not effective to delete the cache or remove the data stored by YouTube on the device in question). Therefore, it is clear that it is a development malfunction that has to be solved from the company itself. And luckily, there is good news about it.

YouTube knows what’s going on and is taking action

Because the number of people affected is large, since there are several customers affected With the problem (the iPhone, iPad and even the application for Apple TV), the company itself has commented that it is aware of what is happening and that it is working to offer a solution as soon as possible. This has begun to unfold in some regions in the form of update and, apparently, it is quite effective.

hi! the YouTube app on iOS devices should now be working fine with no crashes! thanks for hanging in there 💙

—TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) November 30, 2022

But, yes, there are some users who indicate that the problems continue. If this is your case, there is no other option but to be patient because YouTube is working against the clock to solve what happened and that users who have an Apple device can access content in the cloud on a regular basis. The fact is that there is no other option but to be a little patient if the problems continue in your case and, by the way, the Android client is affected by the problems that we are indicating.

Failures in increasingly common apps

This is something that, unfortunately, happens much more frequently than is desirable. It seems clear that with urgency with which you work On the part of the developers, they do not have the necessary time to test all the options that improve and, for this reason, problems arise. Of course, they are generally not as important as the one that has been detected from YouTube, which simply does not allow the app to run on devices with Apple’s operating system.