Yes, ChatGPT can help you prepare for your next job interview

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yes chatgpt can help you prepare for your next job.jpg


Generative Artificial Intelligence, with ChatGPT at the helm, allows us to carry out a large number of tasks that, just a few years ago, were reserved exclusively for people. Or that, to execute them, it was necessary to allocate a large number of hours. One of the latest uses has to do with job searching, specifically when we have to prepare for a job interview. We tell you how it can help you.

That Generative Artificial Intelligence It has burst into our daily lives with great force, it is no secret to anyone. Progressively, more and more spheres of our lives have seen how, in one way or another, they can be redefined if we find a way to take advantage of this technology. The job search is one of them. When we are in Active job search and we start doing interviews, normally we want to prepare for them to make a good impression on the interviewer and get the position. But how can we do it?

Before the emergence of AI, To achieve this we had to go to a friend or family member to assume the role of interviewer and, once we had provided them with the necessary information, they began to ask us the questions that we thought they would be able to ask in the interview. However, at many times we could not try it this way either because we didn’t have enough time or because we couldn’t find anyone who wanted to play this role. Now, with ChatGPT, performing these types of tests is a matter of seconds.

ChatGPT is your next interviewer

To explain it, we use a viral trick that the TikTok user has performed @hannagetshired, in which he explains, step by step, how we should do it. First of all, we must go to the description of the position from which we have been called, select all the content that appears in the position description and, immediately, paste it into a new ChatGPT conversation.

Once we have the entire job description, it is time to ask you, when we have not yet sent the information, to generate a series of questions about the position based on the description made by the company offering the position. Additionally, we may also ask you to identify What are those keywords that are important. These words will change depending on the types of positions we apply for and also our professional profile.


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Add your professional and academic information

In addition to all of the above, also It is important that ChatGPT Have all the information that is relevant to our professional profile. Therefore, it is recommended that we also enter our academic information and our professional experience so that the questions ChatGPT asks us make sense and are adapted to our reality.

The more information ChatGPT has, the better answers it will be able to provide us when establishing the list of questions. Remember that currently this AI tool allows let’s introduce all kinds of content that can contextualize their answers and be consistent with both the work in question and our capabilities and experience, so dedicating time to this is essential. Depending on how we approach the situation, it may not offer us the answers we are looking for from the first moment. It is advisable to be patient and guide ChatGPT until you find the final result.

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