Yahaha wants to make it easy to create 3D games, and now has 40 million to make it possible


It is not easy to create 3D content, there is no Canva-style platform that allows people without experience in the sector to be able to create something decent in 3D, but it is something that is gradually changing.

There’s a user-generated content startup called Yahaha that has a platform that makes it easy to create 3D animations and games, and they’ve now raised $40 million to grow it.

Yahaha has a huge community of more than 100,000 developers and 200,000 registered users on its platform, and will now be able to recruit talent from the gaming industry, expanding its presence in different countries.

The startup was born in 2020, and has a 3D content creation platform that allows anyone to create their own games, worlds and social spaces, including real-time interactive multiplayer games in 3D, which should be playable instantly.

Although they have many users who are developers, they have code-free tools that make creating a game as easy as drag and drop, offering the possibility of creating games for mobile devices or PC.

In two years they have already raised 100 million, and although they already have 170 employees with offices in Helsinki, Seoul and Shanghai, they plan to continue growing to increase the type of talent in their ranks.

They also want to create more monetization options for creators, build more relationships with brands and double or triple the team, something that is now easier, after the layoffs of Twitter, Facebook and Amazon (there is more top-tier talent in the market ).

Although many compare it to Roblox, they say it is closer to Unity, since the graphic quality is on another level, much higher.

The company enabled monetization on the platform by opening an asset market where players can sell the things they create. Yahaha gets 30% while creators get 70%.

Link: yahaha.com

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