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YADEA electric scooters and scooters arrive in Spain, what do they offer?

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YADEA electric scooters and scooters arrive in Spain what do

One of the largest manufacturers of electric urban mobility equipment that currently exists lands, finally, in Spain. We talk about YADEAa company that offers the most interesting options in electric scooters and scooters for the options it has at the most competitive prices.

We are talking about a manufacturer that has some of the most interesting figures in what has to do with the market, since it is the leader in the urban mobility market because, for example, in the year 2021 has sold no less than 13.9 million electric units. And this is big words. Therefore, it is good news that it arrives in our country as one more option to choose from and enjoy its recognized good quality/price ratio.

YADEA scooters land first

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In a first wave, the company will put these products up for sale, which have very good options despite not being particularly expensive. An example is that they have batteries from manufacturers such as ATL or LG, so their quality is beyond doubt. Besides, their designs are very strikingso you always have the feeling of getting a premium product.

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It will be in the month of August when you can buy the first models that go on sale in Spain supported by a powerful and easy-to-use online channel. In addition, it will have physical points of sale to be able to see the available options firsthand. These are the models that arrive in our country:

  • LT9 Plus: this is a model that is capable of reaching 45 km/h and that offers excellent autonomy among models that are clearly mopeds. Its price is the most striking of all because it can be obtained for 2,390 euros.
  • G5 Pro: This model belongs to the same range as the previous product and offers slightly higher power for a better driving experience. In this case the price reaches €3,190.
  • G5S: For the company, this is its strongest bet in Spain, since we are talking about a piece of equipment similar to a motorcycle that offers high competitiveness in terms of speed and autonomy, with a price of 3,990 euros.
  • C1SPro: aesthetically it is one of the most striking models offered by the company, and among other things it has received some international awards. With a price of 5,790 euros, its 6,000W power is a fantastic feature as is its liquid cooling system.
  • Y1S / Y1S Pro: There is no lack of this pair of professional options that are cheap, but complete, so they cover all kinds of needs. Its price is as follows: €3,390 and €3,590, respectively.

The scooters that arrive first in Spain

This will happen in the year 2023, but the company has already announced the first two models with which it will battle in this range of the market. Are the K5S and K5S Pro, both with interesting options like 10-inch tires and high-stability motors, since they are on the rear wheel. The sale price of these models has not been indicated at the moment, but they will be rivals of Xiaomi.

1656340267 888 YADEA electric scooters and scooters arrive in Spain what do

A final detail: the company YADEA has communicated in its presentation of Spain that it will soon launch a new model on the market called F-200 which belongs to the highest range of these firm products, called V-FLY. This equipment will have a 10 KW motor, which makes it especially powerful, and it will offer advanced options such as voice control or a autonomy of up to 100 kilometersAn atrocity.

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