XRP Surges 12% in a Week, as New Crypto Hits $1.2M in Presale


Ripple (XRP) decisively demonstrated why it is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies on the market. In a week in which it celebrates its 11th birthday, this remarkable token surged 12%, proving that it is one of the most prominent players in the crypto world. With many forecasting higher gains for Ripple in the near future.

Coincidently with Ripple’s amazing week, another token grabbed headlines recently. Game-changing freelancing platform DeeLance (DLANCE) announced that its presale has raised $1.2 million in mere weeks since its start.  

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XRP Surges 12% in a Single Week, But Some Experts Advise Caution

Ripple has been around for more than a decade and during that time it has become one of the staples of the crypto market. The ground-breaking money transfer platform set the standards for cheap and reliable international financial arrangements, offering a far superior way of moving money around the globe. With millions of users, its native currency XRP is firmly in the top ten cryptos by market capitalization.

In the last week, we witnessed XRP surging to $0.5242, noting a 12% growth in the span of seven days and demonstrating that the crypto market is alive and well. However, it is still a far cry from its all-time high of $2.23 set in 2018, leading some experts to question the sustainability of this recent growth. Instead, they recommend looking elsewhere for secure and profitable investments.

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One token that caught the investors’ attention is DeeLance. Representing a new generation of crypto, DLANCE has raised more than $1.2 million in presale, which is just weeks old. That alone is a remarkable success, but investors are betting that the best is yet to come once it hits the open market.

As of now, you can get DLANCE for $0.038 USDT, but that is the price for the current stage. The next one, set to begin in a few days, will increase the price, as will all the subsequent ones until it reaches the listing price of $0.057 USDT. In practice, this means you can get a huge discount if you act now and buy DLANCE while it is cheap.

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The DLANCE Presale Hitting on All Cylinders

DeeLance’s native token DLANCE is currently in presale, and it is flying off the shelves. It would seem that investors and traders can’t get enough of the token meant to power all transactions of the DeLance network. The presale is going viral, with more than $1.2 million raised so far. At this rate, it will end way ahead of schedule, as all allocated tokens will be sold out in a matter of weeks rather than months as previously planned.

The reason for this frantic activity is simple. A lot of people have recognized the incredible potential of the DeeLance platform and are convinced that it will be a major success. That is why they are scrambling to get their hands on as many DLANCE tokens as they can before the presale ends and exchange listings begin. DLANCE is fairly cheap in the presale phase, but once it starts appearing on crypto exchanges, its value will explode, securing hefty returns for those who invested early.

DeeLance Is a Web3 Freelancing Platform That Threatens to Disrupt the Market

Freelancing accounts for 35% of the total American workforce at the moment. That means some 53 million Americans have been engaged in some form of freelancing in the past year. Globally, numbers are even more impressive. Yet, despite the undeniable fact that freelancing is on the rise across the planet, current freelancing platforms are sorely lacking. It is almost unbelievable that out of a handful of apps on the market not one meets modern standards for transparency, transaction speeds, or even cost.

DeeLance offers a modern Web3 solution that will alleviate all of these issues, which is why so many freelancers can’t wait for the app to finish development and become available.


>>>Visit the DLANCE Presale Now<<<

Why Freelancers Love DeeLance?

Most, if not all, current Web2 market solutions like Upwork, Fiverr, and Linkedin are often accused of heavily favouring clients to the detriment of creators and creating unbalanced work relations. Furthermore, these apps charge exorbitant fees and commissions and are known to impose severe time limitations on withdrawals, leading to many frustrated freelancers. Not only do they have to pay through the nose for the privilege of using these apps, but they are forced to wait for their hard-earned money to make it to their bank accounts.

DeeLance is creating a metaverse digital workspace, the first of its kind, designed to accommodate both freelancers and their clients and provide a fair and transparent environment for them to conduct their business. The developers plan to achieve these goals by employing modern technical solutions, like smart contracts, blockchain-powered transactions, and NFT technology.

Freelancers will have a digital office to interact with their clients, simplifying the process of negotiation and providing them with a written record of all interactions. Meetings can also be conducted via voice or video conference calls, allowing for better understating.

The ability to tokenize their work in the form of NFTs will grant much greater freedom to freelancers to better exploit their work and secure copyright and work ownership, which can be easily transferred to the client if so arranged. This alone would be enough to attract freelancers and creators, as it eliminates the possibility of fraud and scams.

Why Investors Love DeeLance?

Unlike freelancers, investors don’t really care about many of those issues. Instead, they are concerned with the performance and that is the sole reason why they are infatuated with DeeLance. The app promises to be extremely popular with users, which will do wonders for its native token DLANCE, which powers the entire platform. Translated into investors’ language, that means their ROI will be through the roof once the app goes live and DLANCE starts appearing on crypto exchanges later this year.

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>>>Visit the DLANCE Presale Now<<<


With XRP surging this week, the crypto market is showing clear signs of recovery. Tokens like DLANCE, who are already performing amazingly, stand to benefit from the improved market conditions as investors scramble to buy it before the listings begin and its price explodes. 

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