XP-Pen Artist Pro 16 Gen 2: A Game-Changer for Graphic Artists

Digital technology, in its relatively short history compared to traditional technologies, has continually strived to replicate traditional approaches as faithfully as possible. Early digital cameras, for instance, fell short of producing images comparable to film. Similarly, reproducing the sound of a grand piano digitally took many years to achieve the desired level of authenticity.

When it comes to digital drawing, the challenge has been to provide the sensation of drawing with pencils or charcoal on a sheet of paper. Although the first graphic tablets for microcomputers emerged in 1984, they were quite rudimentary at the time. However, they gradually improved, offering higher pressure levels for the pen and ever finer resolution. Now, a new contender in the field, the XPPen Artist Pro 16 (2nd generation), introduces capabilities that surpass anything seen before.

Discover the Excellence of the XPPen Artist Pro 16!

If you’re a graphic artist, you’ve likely experimented with numerous touch-sensitive graphics tablets, each impressing you with its precision, pressure modulation, and line fluidity. The Artist Pro 16, however, pushes these boundaries to new heights.

16,000 Pressure Levels for Unparalleled Precision

True to its name, the Pro 16 boasts a screen close to 16 inches (15.6 inches to be exact), providing ample workspace for comfortable drawing. The 2560 x 1600 px resolution offers an abundance of details.

Most notably, the tablet is equipped with the X3 Pro Smart Chip stylus, which supports an astounding 16,000 levels of pressure. This surpasses the previous standard of 8,192 levels by a wide margin. Moreover, the response time has been reduced to a remarkable 90 ms, making it 1.5 times faster than previous XPPen models. Accuracy has also seen a 20% improvement.

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Exemplary Attention to Detail in High-End Design

Upon unboxing, it’s evident that XPPen has put thought into the presentation, matching the tablet’s quality. The tablet itself sits atop, reminiscent of Apple’s meticulous attention to packaging and product presentation.

In addition to the requisite USB-C connectors, the package includes power adapters suitable for multiple countries, including France. You also receive a case containing the stylus with around a dozen spare tips, ensuring longevity. An external platform featuring buttons and a wheel serves as a convenient tool for using or customizing shortcuts.

A Drawing Experience Like No Other

The tablet has been meticulously designed to replicate the tactile sensation of drawing on paper, and it does so brilliantly. The display offers excellent definition, resulting in precise drawing capabilities. The ability to adjust the stylus pressure for thicker or thinner lines introduces a level of sensitivity previously unseen.

In addition to two USB-C inputs, the Artist Pro 16 includes power and contrast adjustment buttons, thoughtfully placed for convenience.

Popular graphics software is seamlessly compatible, and beginners can use the tablet with its native drawing software, albeit with some adjustments that may not be immediately intuitive. A more comprehensive starter guide from XPPen would be a welcome addition to this impressive package.