Xiaomi’s latest invention is a laser machine for engraving


Xiaomi laser engraver

Xiaomi has put on sale a machine that makes engravings using a 3W laser, with an exquisite design and a reasonable price.

The printers 3D have become popular all over the world, allowing you to create useful and other aesthetic products. This has created a fashion for DIY, “do it yourself”, which has even promoted pages like Etsy, very popular in Spain. In fact, an economy has been created around this type of artisanal products. But there are more devices that help with this type of creations.

The last one is a Xiaomi invention, a laser engraving machine that allows you to create screen prints and designs on different materials, like wood or leather. It has been launched in China under its Mijia sub-brand and is currently on pre-order, priced at $249. They will begin shipping on December 29.

This machine It is compact in size and has an elegant design that makes it go unnoticed, with a black metal arm, a base where you can put the object to be recorded and a head that never shows what it really is. This allows it to be left visible without looking like we are in a workshop.

Perfect to personalize

This machine uses a 450nm blue light laser, with a nominal power of 3 W. This allows engraving on materials such as leather, solid wood boards, canvas, plastic boards, etc. Thanks to point compression technology, it achieves a vertical point of up to 0.25 mm. This allows for a high-precision engraving effect, necessary for complex designs and delicate materials.

Designs are uploaded to the Mijia app, which is what controls this device. When using a laser that burns the chosen surface, no type of ink or printer is needed, so only the energy necessary to activate the laser will be spent, which, on the other hand, does not consume much.

Xiaomi laser engraver

This application allows you to create designs with texts, in addition to helping the engraving of designs that have been previously made by hand and that you want to replicate on one or more products. It can be purchased online at a price of $249, with a shipping time of about two weeks starting at the end of this month of December.

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