Xiaomi’s latest bombshell is the definitive solution for WiFi to fly

xiaomi wifi router 700

The list of Xiaomi routers increases, although this latest model could be the hit of the Chinese brand. This new launch of the Asian brand comes equipped with a whole series of technologies that will achieve end connection problems at home. In fact, this model is the perfect solution for WiFi to fly.

Xiaomi has launched its new wifi router. In this latest model you can find equipped the Qualcomm IPQ 9554 processor and a 1 GB + 128 MB flash memory. In addition to this, this equipment has up to four 2.5G network ports and that is not the best of all, but the Chinese company has confirmed that it supports up to 600 devices connected at the same time.

The new Xiaomi Router 7000

This new fast router from Xiaomi is presented as one of the best alternatives from the Chinese firm if you want to have the best Internet connection at home at all times. In fact, having the Qualcomm Networking Pro 620 processor can ensure a connection up to 10 Gbps thanks to its six streams and its triband system. And that’s just the beginning, since it will also allow you to take advantage of the WiFi 7 802.11be standard, so it will be much faster than most WiFi 6 routers.

Its chip has a quad-core A73 specification and can reach up to 2.2 GHz. However, the version carried by the Xiaomi Router 7000 is a 1.5GHz version. In any case, it meets all the expectations that the brand has placed on this model.

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And it is necessary to take into account that its processor is the most modest of those that Qualcomm presented to be Wi-Fi 7 compatible. Ahead of them are the Qualcomm Networking Pro 820 or Qualcomm NetWorking Pro 1220 chips. In any case, this new Xiaomi model promises great speed and performance at all times.

wifi router 7000 xiaomi

The brand’s WiFi 7000 router has two high-performance signal boosters added for the 2.4 GHz frequency band. According to its specifications, it can reach a speed in this band of up to 1,371.1 Mbps. In contrast, the speed maximum within the 5 GHz band is 5,674.8 Mbps. Additionally, this model supports dual WAN/dual LAN up to 5 Gbps aggregation.

As for the rest of the features, this new equipment from the Chinese firm uses 7 external antennas and 2 internal antennas, including 4 single-frequency antennas for 2.4GHz, 4 single-frequency antennas for 5GHz, and an NFC antenna. And among its exclusive features, we find acceleration in particular for Xiaomi and Redmi devices. By intelligently recognizing them, it opens up an exclusive channel for users coming to play. It also supports software acceleration for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, smartphones, and other devices to reduce lag in online gaming.

Therefore, it becomes one of those alternatives that could be of great help so that the Internet connection and through home WiFi go better. Although, for the moment, the price that it will have on the Spanish market is unknown.