Xiaomi’s electric car caught on the street, this will be its Fastback design

Xiaomi's electric car caught on the street, this will be its Fastback design
xiaomi's electric car caught on the street, this will be

Xiaomi continues working to launch its first electric car. This is expected to happen in 2024 and, meanwhile, you have to settle for the leaks that are coming. Well, one has appeared that allows us to see what the design xiaomi ms11.

The novelty is that some images have been published in which you can see the car in action, being subjected to various rigorous tests. These come to add to those that, to the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, as one of the passengers of the vehicle while it is undergoing tests in snowy conditions.

This will be the design of the Xiaomi MS11

The design of the Xiaomi MS11, as can be seen in the images that have been published, is quite striking and reflects the brand’s avant-garde philosophy. with an elegant fastback-like design and 19-inch wheels, the vehicle looks quite modern and sporty. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the charging port will be strategically located on the left rear side of the car, making the charging process easier and faster.


One of the most outstanding features of the Xiaomi MS11, beyond the design, is its new system of battery. The product will arrive in two configurations to meet the needs and preferences of users. One will be powered by BYD 400V lithium iron phosphate sheet batteries, while the other option will be powered by CATL 800V Kirin ternary batteries. The latter will provide much higher power and efficiency, which will be very positive in terms of to autonomy.

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A car full of technology

Furthermore, Xiaomi has made it clear that the MS11 will be a technologically advanced car. The company will draw on its experience in Artificial intelligence, to achieve a very striking experience for drivers and full of details. And this will be crowned with the inclusion of autonomous driving What insurance will include the vehicle.

Xiaomi’s entry into the electric vehicle industry is a strategic step for the company. It allows the Asian firm to diversify its product portfolio beyond consumer electronics. In addition, its ability to innovate is beyond doubt, so everything suggests that the Xiaomi MS11 will be a great car and it will make things very complicated for this sector of the market (as in its day happened with the telephony), especially Tesla. Will Elon Musk think the same?