Xiaomi’s CEO carries 4 smartphones in his pocket. And you?


We are sure that you are dying to know which smartphone you use Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi. Well, maybe you can even do without it, but it is at least curious that the manager wanted to share this information on Weibo. Curious until it turns out that there are even four smartphones, and that obviously they all belong to the Xiaomi ecosystem. In short, a way like any other to advertise your products.

We start from the list, assuming that the trouser pockets are large enough to hold two smartphones on each side:

  1. Xiaomi 12
  2. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
  3. Redmi Note 11T Pro
  4. Xiaomi Civi

xiaomi 12
xiaomi 12

xiaomi mi 11 ultra
xiaomi mi 11 ultra

redmi note 11t pro
redmi note 11t pro

xiaomi civi
xiaomi civi
Xiaomi 12 69.9 x 152.7 x 8.16 mm
6.28 inches – 2400×1080 px
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra 74.6 x 164.3 x 8.38 mm
6.81 inches – 3200×1440 px
Redmi Note 11T Pro 74.29 x 163.64 x 8.87 mm
6.6 inches – 2460×1080 px
Xiaomi Civi 71.5 x 158.3 x 6.98 mm
6.55 inches – 2400×1080 px

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If you ask yourself the question “yes, but which of these is your primary smartphone?”, Know that Lei Jun, very democratically, uses them in turn, so that each of these has its moment of glory. Plus, she admits to changing them often. To date, however, the lineup chosen by the CEO is this.


Announced at the end of December 2021, the smartphone arrived in Italy in March of this year. The Ultra version will also arrive soon, much awaited by the public given the success of the entire range.


The top of the range was presented in March 2021 and immediately became a reference for mobile photography. You can also find it in our comparison.


The smartphone is fresh from the announcement, it arrived together with its Plus variant and is called to confirm what good we have seen with Redmi Note 11 Pro.


Civi was launched in China in September 2021 and is characterized by a refined aesthetic and a “substantial” technical data sheet.

Xiaomi 12 Gray 8GB RAM 256GB ROM


And you, how many smartphones do you always have in your pocket?

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