Xiaomi will launch the smart ring that could dominate the market

xiaomi will launch the smart ring that could dominate the market
xiaomi will launch the smart ring that could dominate the market

Xiaomi has limitless ambition that it is demonstrating with the launch of devices of all kinds that always reach high levels of quality. Now they are also preparing their expansion into the smart ring market , where one of their subsidiaries could dominate the stores thanks to a device that looks really interesting.

Whether with its main brand or with manufacturers it supports , Xiaomi is managing to become one of the most important entities in the current technology sector. And after leaving a deep mark on mobile phones, tablets or smart watches, it’s time to set your sights on rings. Because we know that these accessories are going to set a trend in the coming years.

A gigantic battery

In the promotional images that have been presented of this ring so far you can see some of the most important features of the device, such as its gigantic battery. As the brand indicates, a performance capacity of 180 days is offered on a single charge, which is a big step forward compared to what we have seen from other manufacturers. After all, if we can not worry about charging the ring for three months, it will mean that we can start using it in a very dynamic way.

It’s just what users asked for and it makes a lot of sense. What you don’t want with this type of device is having to put it on and take it off every now and then to charge. Even if the battery lasted a month, we would probably find some reason to forget to charge it. But with a duration of three months, the situation is totally different. Of course, we would need to know more about the use of the ring and the way it manages its battery, but it cannot be denied that it looks very good.

What else do we know about the ring?

Its manufacturer says that it is very stylish and comfortable, with a profile of only 2.2 mm, something that is easy to appreciate when looking at its design in the photos. It has some curious details, such as a light in the charging area that will tell us if the battery is recovered or if we need to charge it soon.

Although there is still much to know about this Black Shark smart ring, the brand comments that it is a device that provides both an attractive visual style and a use focused on health. The ring will have the capacity to track different aspects of your body so that you know if you are healthy or if you are exposing yourself to some type of risk. We will be able to track blood oxygen, the rate of heart rate variability, the rate at which the heart beats and, in addition, the device will also monitor body temperature.

Therefore, with its use you will know sooner than usual when your fever is starting to rise, which will be a good way to anticipate a situation in which you may feel worse. After all, if there is a sudden increase or if the temperature goes up and down without justification, we may be incubating some type of virus. The smart ring will help us know that we are in that type of situation and will give us a little help to remedy it. In more serious situations , such as those related to the heart, the ring could have a greater importance than we can imagine.

That said, we must admit that the project seems very interesting. But in view of the overbooking that we are going to find in the smart ring market, before opting for one model or another it will be necessary to know all its specifications . In principle, we should know more about this device from Black Shark, another of the brands touched by Xiaomi, soon.


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