Xiaomi wants you to use your phone as a key for its electric car

Xiaomi wants you to use your phone as a key for its electric car
xiaomi wants you to use your phone as a key

Little by little we are learning more details about Xiaomi’s first electric car. For example, we know that this year they could show their first prototype, although the first units would not reach the market until 2024. And now we have learned that the company wants you to be able to use your mobile phone as a key to open the Xiaomi M1 Electric Car.

And it is that, as reported by various Chinese media, Xiaomi has just been part of the board of directors of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). Surely you do not know this organization, but say that the CCC is in charge of developing the standards to connect mobile phones with cars. With more than 100 associated companies, including motor giants such as BMW, General Motors or Mercedes-Benz, as well as top-tier companies such as Apple, Google or Samsung, this organization has been working for some time to develop software that allows connect your phone with the car.

Xiaomi will allow you to open your electric car using your mobile

The truth is it was to be expected that Xiaomi would become part of the CCC sooner rather than later. For starters, it’s one of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers, so it stands to reason that its family of phones is perfect for owners to unlock their vehicles using their mobile as a key.

You just have to remember that, according to Xiaomi, MIUI has been activated in more than 400 million terminals, so its smart interface is one of the most used. And of course, with such a large customer base, it was not acceptable that they could not access their vehicles using a Xiaomi device.

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Car ADSL Zone

This technology is not new at all and more and more owners use their mobiles to unlock the doors of their vehicle or even start the engine. And users who have a Xiaomi phone will be able to do it very soon.

Say that the specification of CCC digital key uses NFC technology to realize the function in smartphones and other devices, so any Xiaomi phone with this chip could unlock any car that supports this technology.

In addition, that Xiaomi has been invited to be part of the Board of Directors says a lot about the manufacturer’s projection. More, considering that the Xiaomi M1 Car is just around the cornerand one of the benefits that the manufacturer’s first EV will offer will be the possibility of controlling it from the mobile.


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