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Xiaomi TVs hide a secret menu: this is all it allows

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The hidden menus of Smart TV They are still a secret for many of their users, who still do not know the options that these menus offer when it comes to customizing many features of their televisions. And just as its existence is a mystery to many, its location is also a mystery and will be the first question users ask themselves when they discover that they can access these option menus not available at first glance. If you have a Xiaomi TV, we tell you how to access these secret menus and what are the many options that allow you to change.

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The first thing you have to know is that these menus are created so that the manufacturer’s technical personnel and specialists can manipulate some settings and verify that the product meets all the standards before going on the market. Therefore, if you don’t have minimal knowledge of what you are playing or you are not very clear about some of the options that this hidden menu is going to offer you, we recommend that you do not touch anything. It is possible that if you press some buttons inside this menu without knowledge you can lose some of the functionality of your television, so it is always advisable to be careful when touching or changing features that the manufacturer does not want you to know exist.

How to unlock the hidden menu

Unlike televisions from other brands, in which you will have to enter a series of codes or passwords or even perform key dial combinations on the remote control, on Xiaomi Smart TVs this process is somewhat simpler. In the main screen of your Xiaomi television, look for the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen and click on it. The drop-down will open with the different Settings options and we have to go down until we find the Device Preferences option.

Here we have options such as Date and time, Language, Image, Sound… but we are going to keep the Information option, which is where we are going to enter. Here are the technical details of your television, such as the model, the version or the date of the updated security patch. And an option that even in other circumstances goes unnoticed and that is where you should go this time, Compilation. This is where we must activate our trick to access the advanced tools.

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If we press several times on this Compilation option, we will see that a message will appear that says ‘You only have X steps left to be a developer’. And when you have pressed the button a certain number of times, that message will change and become the message that will open the secret door of the TV: ‘Developer options are now activated!’

How to access the hidden options and what they are

Once we have done that step, we will only have to return to the main Configuration menu, where we will find an option that did not exist before and that is called Developer Options. There are the new features that we have unlocked, such as changing the image color profile, increasing the size of the content, keeping the screen always on when loading, changing the screen animation options…

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As we have said in the first paragraphs, if you are not familiar with any of the options described, it is best not to try to change it, so as not to get a scare with the configuration of your Xiaomi TV. And if you don’t want anyone else to accidentally touch or change these features of your Smart TV, you can hide this menu again. In the same Developer Options you will see a button that says Enable Developer Options, which is obviously on because you have activated it, but that you can disable at any time.

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