Xiaomi still believes in wired headphones: it launches ones that are attractive and cheap

Xiaomi still believes in wired headphones: it launches ones that are attractive and cheap
xiaomi still believes in wired headphones: it launches ones that

The company Xiaomi has introduced new wired headphones that feature a dual dynamic unit and liquid silicone diaphragm. These headsets have been designed to provide an immersive experience of great clarity and depth. One of the things that make them special in these times is that connect to sound source via cablesomething for which the Asian company is still committed.

The model we are talking about is the Xiaomi Dual Magnetic Ultra Dynamic and, as we have indicated before, they have a liquid silicone diaphragm. This element finds a balance between rigidity and elasticity, allowing it to deliver a sensitive and responsive performance. As a result, users can expect versatile and always highly accurate sound reproduction.

Reduced distortion thanks to dual magnetic drivers

One of the outstanding features of these headphones is that their diaphragm captures rich sound details, ensuring a wide frequency response when working. The unit’s high resolution also allows for high precision and reduced distortion of phase, which translates into excellent audio representation. In addition, the conductive layer is evenly distributed, allowing consistent vibration and improving overall performance.


The aluminum alloy sound chamber built into these Xiaomi earphones also contributes to good performance. By providing lower distortion and richer detail, the sound chamber ensures a balanced audio experience across the entire frequency range. For this reason, the headphones have obtained the Hi-Res Audio certification.

Cable connection and other details of these Xiaomi

These headphones use a headphone jack 3.5 millimeters, so it offers high compatibility with sound sources that support the use of a cable (the length of this element is 1.28 meters). Other good details of this accessory is that they weigh only 14.7 grams and that they have a 5mW rated power and a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz.


Regarding playback control, these Xiaomi Dual Magnetic Ultra Dynamic have a three-button remote, which allows users to comfortably manage music playback and calls. Xiaomi has once again prioritized offering a breakthrough price point without compromising on essential features, making the Dual Ultra Magnetic Dynamic Unit Earphones with Liquid Silicone Diaphragm a compelling choice for audio enthusiasts looking for premium quality. remarkable sound at an affordable price.

The price of this product is 129 yuan (which is about 17 euros to change), so its attractiveness is unquestionable.


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