Xiaomi renounces the “mid gen”: the 13S series will not be done


The Xiaomi 13 series is preparing for its European debut which will take place at the MWC 2023 in Barcelona and the CEO and founder of Xiaomi, Lei Junintervened in the last few hours on Weibo to do greater clarity about the future of lineup throughout 2023.

As we well know, in fact, Xiaomi is now used to updating its top of the range with some S variants which are offered about 6 months after the launch of the main series, a fact that often causes confusion and pushes users to postpone their purchase in view of the mid-year update.

In 2022 this happened with the Xiaomi 12S family, of which we tried 12S Ultra (the top of the range), but it seems that during 2023 theand things are about to change according to what was officially declared by Jun himself on his Weibo profile.


The message published by Lei Jun leaves no room for interpretation: there are currently no plans for a mid-generation update of the Mi 13 series, a Mi 13S should not be expected. It is a clear stance which therefore immediately silences all the possible rumors about the possible variants which usually begin to be the protagonists of the rumors already during the first quarter of the year.

It will be interesting to understand what is the real reason behind this decision, since the mid-year update is also an opportunity to bring devices equipped with the Latest generation Qualcomm SoC usually a variant Plus. Having to do one speculationone could almost venture the hypothesis that in 2023 we will not assist when launching a hypothetical Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2but at the moment it is too early to give much weight to this theoryalthough certainly not implausible.

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The other possibility is that Xiaomi actually decides to scrap the Series S in favor of something else; It is possible that the Chinese house is also aiming to face the end of summer period with a folding proposal that goes in direct competition with that of Samsung? At the moment there are many hypotheses on the table and we just have to wait to find out how the market will evolve in order to have the first confirmations or denials.