Xiaomi puts on sale headphones with bone conduction technology

Xiaomi puts on sale headphones with bone conduction technology

The vast majority of wireless headphones that are used have a drawback for some: they do not allow you to hear what is happening around you if you do not lose sound quality. This is something that does not occur with models that use bone conduction technology, and Xiaomi It has just put on sale a model that can be used for everything (even to wear them when doing sports).

Basically, this accessory simulates the way in which mammals listen underwater, since the vibrations that are generated are transmitted by Contact instead of air This means you don’t have to put anything in your ear, leaving you free to hear everything in the environment without losing any detail of the music being played. That is to say, that one is fully aware of what is happening in the environment.

And, all this, without missing a good finish for the Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headphones (it weighs only 28 grams), which is the name of the product we are talking about. And, in addition, they do not stop using technology bluetooth to communicate with the sound source. In other words, they can be seamlessly synchronized with phones, laptops, and even current smartwatches. They are even compatible with the IP66 standard, which ensures that water is not a problem and, in this way, they can be used when doing sports.


It has a good sound quality

With a fairly high precision in all types of reproductions, there are a couple of details that clearly indicate that in this section you will not have any problems (and being clear that noise cancellation is not necessary, since complete isolation is not the purpose that has this Xiaomi accessory). The first is that these headphones are compatible with the aptX and SBC codecs, which ensures good precision. Besides, the latency that allow stays in 86 millisecondsso the connection is very stable.


In what has to do with autonomy, there is also good news. The rechargeable battery that is integrated into the Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headphones, which is 165mAh, allows a usage time of up to 12 hours. In addition, the firm has indicated that with a charging time of five minutes you can get up to a couple of hours of use. A last detail that will be a real lifesaver for some.

Availability and price of these Xiaomi helmets

Today is the day that you can already buy these headphones on Xiaomi’s China website, but it is hoped that in a short time it will be deployed in the rest of the regions in which the manufacturer has a presence with its accessories, such as example Spain. In what has to do with the price, what you have to pay to get this product are about 95 euros To the change.


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