Xiaomi presents the new perfect alternative to the Amazon Kindle

xiaomi presents the new perfect alternative to the amazon kindle.jpg
xiaomi presents the new perfect alternative to the amazon kindle.jpg

Hand holding the new Xiaomi eReader of 2024

Xiaomi, which has been unstoppable for months when it comes to expanding into more and more product lines, has presented a new e-reader device that stomps too hard. With the usual manufacturer’s warranty and the performance they usually provide, it is clear that they will have a good weapon to combat the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle.


It is obvious that the Kindle is one of the most popular e-books and one of the most chosen options by users around the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is appreciated some inspiration in it in the new e-reader that Xiaomi has presented.

This is what it offers

It is not the first time that Xiaomi launches an e-reader with an electronic ink screen, but this is one of the proposals that has been best received by the Chinese public. It is introduced to the market with a Carta 1200 screen with E Ink technology with a size of 7 inches, offering a resolution of 1680 x 1240 pixels and a pixel density of 300 dpi. These features ensure that it offers a high-level reading capacity, although if there is one thing that stands out it is its effectiveness in backlighting.

Xiaomi Carta 1200 eReader device



Users who are demanding about the way they read books with the device can adjust the backlight up to in a total of 32 different levels. That way they will be sure that, at one level or another, they will find exactly the lighting they need to read comfortably. Also, no less important, it is not only possible to modify the backlight, but also the color temperature that we are using at all times.

Xiaomi enhances comfort

When using an e-reader there are different features that can ensure that the experience is more comfortable. Everything we have discussed in the previous paragraph is vital, since it will make the visualization ideal. But there are also other aspects to promote. For example, Xiaomi has incorporated a navigation system that, to turn the pages of eBooks, does not depend solely on the use of the touch screen. This avoids one of the problems that some users usually have, who in this case may resort to passing the pages with physical buttons.

On the other hand, it must be said that the device has 2GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64 GB internal storage, while the operating system is Android 11. It is equipped with 2.4 and 5 GHz connectivity, incorporates Bluetooth 5.2 and has incorporated a sensor that detects the alignment for a more comfortable experience.

Weight of Xiaomi eReader device launched in January 2024

Its battery, no less important, is 1200 mAh, Xiaomi indicating that it has the capacity to be able to use the terminal for a maximum period of 40 hours. However, something important must be taken into account: it incorporates an additional 1950 mAh battery thanks to its magnetic casing. This considerably increases the time you can read books on a single charge and how practical it will be to not have to think about charging it on a regular basis.

Those who have had the opportunity to see it comment that it is an extremely light and comfortable device, a factor that is essential when we talk about digital book readers. It’s not far from the more compact Kindle, which weighs just 158 ​​grams. But about this proposal it is said that the stylized design helps it offer a very comfortable hold with one hand, ideal for reading during long sessions. We also know that it has built-in speakers, which will help you when enjoying audiobooks. And there is no lack of a USB-C connection port as is the trend these days.

Summary technical characteristics of the new Xiaomi eReader of 2024

Now the question you may be asking yourself is when it will go on sale worldwide. At the moment, there is no date. Not all Xiaomi devices leave China, so everything will depend on the popularity it reaches in your country or the vision that the manufacturer has. for international sale. With a price of about 180 euros at the exchange rate compared to the 1,399 yuan it costs in China, it seems like an interesting enough option to take abroad.