Xiaomi presents a smart lock with facial recognition

Xiaomi presents a smart lock with facial recognition
xiaomi presents a smart lock with facial recognition

Xiaomi is one of the best examples of diversification in a company. The company, which was born in 2010 and presented its first phone in 2011, has become the great reference when it comes to buying all kinds of products thanks to a catalog beyond all doubt and to which new solutions do not stop arriving.

In addition, the Beijing-based company is one of the best brands available on the market if you want to buy home automation products with which to create a smart home. And the last example we have in the new smart lock that the manufacturer has just presented and that offers a design and functionality beyond any doubt.

Open the doors of your house with your eyes

Under the name of Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lockthis is a smart lock that has all kinds of unlocking methods, although the most interesting, without a doubt, comes with the possibility of using its integrated facial recognition system to be able to recognize your face and unlock the lock.

As usual in this type of product, the Asian firm has relied on its Youpin crowdfunding platform to carry out the launch of its Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock. In addition, they have now launched a launch promotion in which customers who reserve the first units will get a discount before its official launch in China on September 28.

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Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock Xiaomi

In this way, the current price is 1999 yuan, about 285 euros to change, although its final price will be 2,199 yuan, about 320 euros to change, when the campaign ends. And seeing the features offered by the Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock, we are facing one of the most complete smart locks on the market.

To give life to your facial Recognition System, Xiaomi’s new lock uses a 3D camera system that scans your face so you can see it reflected on a small AMOLED screen located inside. In addition, you can also unlock this device with other systems, such as its fingerprint reader, key code, temporary passwords or through the application for the phone.

If you are concerned about autonomy of the Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock that you know that this smart gadget has a range of up to 6 months thanks to its 6,250 mAh battery. In addition, the device will notify you when the battery is running low through a notification on your phone.

A very complete product that we hope will land in Spain as it could be one of the best sellers of the Asian company.


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