Xiaomi presents a backlit mechanical keyboard at a scandal price

Xiaomi presents a backlit mechanical keyboard at a scandal price
xiaomi presents a backlit mechanical keyboard at a scandal price

The Asian manufacturer boasts one of the most complete catalogs on the market. Although Xiaomi became famous through the sale of smartphones, it has many more gadgets, from wearables of all kinds to treadmills and more solutions. We have already told you about some of their products, and today it is the turn of the Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboarda very cheap mechanical keyboard that surprises with its design and features.

Under the name of Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard, we do not find a model that offers LED-backlit keyboard, in addition to an attractive design and a black color scheme that will be the center of all eyes.

Xiaomi offers two types of keys so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. On the one hand, there are blue keys that offer a greater travel, making them perfect for more gamer users. And, on the other hand, they have also offered other switches in red that offer less travel, as well as being very quiet, so they are more suitable for work. A detail that is appreciated, since you can adapt the keyboard to your liking.

An ergonomic design with different lighting modes

Otherwise, we find a robust product that has dimensions of 426 x 122 x 38.5 mm, in addition to a weight of 943 grams. This model works with cable and is compatible with Windows and MacOS so you are not short of options. It is true that a wireless model would have been better, but at some point the manufacturer had to cut back to get its Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard to have such a restrained price.

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Design of the Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard Xiaomi

Even so, the benefits offered by a product whose price does not exceed 25 euros to change are surprising. It should be noted that the keys have a rounded design to fit the shape of your finger so you can write or play more comfortably, as well as being able to choose between six different backlight modes depending on your tastes.

With a total of 104 keysthis model for the moment will only reach the Chinese market, although fingers will have to be crossed for the Beijing-based manufacturer to decide to launch a version of its new Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard in Spain.

More, seeing the low price of this product, which can already be bought in China at aprice of 149 yuan, about 22 euros to change.


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