Xiaomi presents a 3D printer for less than 120 euros and that you control with your mobile


iaomi has earned the right to be one of the most valuable technology companies in the sector. And that the company was founded in 2010. But the good work of the brand, which has a catalog of the most varied products and with an excellent quality-price ratio, has positioned Xiaomi as the great reference in all kinds of sectors.

We have already told you about some of the most curious products, such as the firm’s smart screen and with which you can control any compatible device. Now it is the turn of KOKONI EC2, a 3D printer which was born as a crowdfunding project and which is having great success on Xiaomi’s collective financing platform.

KOKONI EC2, a Xiaomi printer for less than 120 euros

3D printers have been with us for years., and more and more homes are betting on this gadget to make all kinds of objects. A most useful accessory that serves both for everyday tasks and for professionals.

And if you want to take your first steps, but have a tight budget, Xiaomi has the perfect product for you. We talk about a 3D printer of compact size and attractive design that we can control from our mobile.

All thanks to one partnership between Xiaomi and KOKONI, a manufacturer specialized in 3D printers and with which they have launched this new EC2 so that you can model tall parts, having support for any 3D editing program, passing it a file or using models captured with the mobile. Yes, you can print a photograph to have it in 3D.

Continuing with everything that this Xiaomi KOKONI EC2 printer offers, it is a team with silent motor and folding door so that it does not exceed 40 db when you are using it.

Regarding the process, It has an AI capable of generating 3D models to transform them with the printer, as well as an app for you to download on your mobile and send any object. In this case, the AI ​​will be in charge of processing the image and making it suitable for modeling.

Obviously, if you need a piece of certain dimensions, it is better to send the file with everything you need. But the idea of Being able to send a photo and have a 3D object created for you sounds very interesting.

Besides, Xiaomi’s KOKONI EC2 has more than 2,000 models already predesigneds so that we can print them in 3D or adapt them to our liking. Finally, we could not forget its high-resolution camera that will allow us to see the entire process in real time.

A printer that has a weight of 3.2 kilograms and offers WiFi and Bluetooth to be able to send any object to be printed in 3D. Its price? Simply amazing, because the KOKONI EC2 can be reserved in China for 115 euros to change.


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