Xiaomi prepares a new POCO F5, which will arrive with very important improvements

Xiaomi prepares a new POCO F5, which will arrive with very important improvements
xiaomi prepares a new poco f5, which will arrive with

Xiaomi prepares a new POCO F5, which will arrive with very important improvements

Xiaomi is once again in the eye of the hurricane of technological speculation due to the arrival of a new member of the POCO F5 range. Rumors indicate that the GT variant will soon be available in the global market.

This device would be based on the Redmi K60 Ultra, an exclusive phone for the Chinese market and which, according to a report published in MyDrivers, Xiaomi has decided to use as the basis for the POCO F5 GT. In this way, the commitment to mediatek processor in this new generation of phones. In addition, the terminal screen will offer a higher resolution to be as striking as possible for users.

The big changes in Xiaomi’s new POCO F5 GT

Some details that are taken for granted that will be part of the new mobile phone is that, inside, in addition to using an amount of RAM always above 8GB, -which is not bad at all- the processor will be integrated MediaTek Dimensity 9200+. This is a component made in four nanometers, capable of reaching a clock speed of up to 3.35GHz. Also, in what has to do with graphics capacity, there is good news, since a GPU is included ARM Immortalis GT715ensuring exceptional gaming performance.

POCO F5 phone in white color

As for the screen, what is expected is that the POCO F5 GT has a 1.5K resolution, which ensures an image quality superior to what is offered by the basic version of this range of products. But the most exciting thing is that the device will feature a really thin bezel or frame design around the screen, giving users a immersive experience without visual interruptions.

An arrival that will not be long in coming

although still there is no official confirmation From Xiaomi on the launch of any of these devices, both the Redmi K60 Ultra and the POCO F5 GT, it is important to take into account the company’s track record. Xiaomi usually generates expectations around its upcoming releases, and when persistent rumors emerge, everything is usually confirmed on the day chosen for the presentation.

Rear image of Xiaomi's POCO F5

We will have to be attentive to any news or official confirmation from Xiaomi, since this company has earned a reputation for surprising the market with innovations and high-quality devices. And alsothe POCO range is one of those that right now has excellent sales in the different markets in which it is present.