Xiaomi prepares a new Bluetooth speaker ideal for use on vacation

Xiaomi prepares a new Bluetooth speaker ideal for use on vacation
xiaomi prepares a new bluetooth speaker ideal for use on

It seems that Xiaomi He has very important plans for the event that is scheduled for April 18, 2023 in China. There are several products that aim to be presented at that time, such as a new high-end phone or the expected Smart Band 8 (along with the Pad 6 tablet). But, in addition, some more accessories will also be part of the game, such as a interesting new bluetooth speaker.

The name of the product in question is Xiaomi SoundMove And, by the way, it is completely official, since the company has made it clear in a publication where you can see its design and, also, the day it will be announced. Has been Lei Jun the one in charge of doing this, and among other things it has been possible to see that he will have the help of Harman Kardon.

In what has to do with the design, it will have a finish in metalwill have touch controls in the upper part and, with an elongated shape, it is quite clear that it can be carried from one place to another with great comfort (even in the hand, since the dimensions will not be particularly large to become an excellent companion when leaving house to go to eat in the country or to be reunited with friends).


Some basic details of this Xiaomi speaker

One of the most important has to do with battery life. This will allow enjoy music for up to 21 hours. An important figure and that can become a clear reason for purchase for many. In addition, it will have Bluetooth 5.2, so possibly this product will offer the possibility of be connected to two different sound sources to be able to jump from one to another easily by using a button integrated into the casing.

The Xiaomi Sound Move is expected to have quite high sound quality, something in which the collaboration with Harman Kardon will have a lot to say. In addition, this model is expected to have a system of bass boost to be able to convince with all kinds of reproductions and that its power reaches 10W by using two double elements for it.


Ideal to take it from one place to another

This, apart from the design, will be one of the best features of the speaker we are talking about. For this, the Asian company will offer in its new model water protection (IP54). And, also, a grip system where there will be no lack of the possibility of using a holding element for the hand or the hook of a backpack.

Without having confirmed the price, it is most likely that the Xiaomi Sound Move the change stays at about 90 euros, a figure that, if confirmed, will make it a most attractive purchase option. Come on, in line with what this manufacturer generally offers.


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