Xiaomi Pad 6: its presentation will be shortly with a greatly improved rear camera

Xiaomi Pad 6: its presentation will be shortly with a greatly improved rear camera
xiaomi pad 6: its presentation will be shortly with a

Xiaomi Pad 6: its presentation will be shortly with a greatly improved rear camera

One of the tablets that are expected with great expectation It’s the Xiaomi Pad 6. Due to the good reception that the previous model has had in the market, there are many expectations regarding this device. Well, it seems that its arrival is very close and, in addition, it has been known that its rear camera will undergo a very important improvement.

The team we are talking about, which will have Android 13 as the operating system (with the MIUI customization of the Asian company), will be one of the Xiaomi 13 travel companions that the company plans to announce on next february 26 during the Mobile World Congress 2023 to be held in Barcelona. Therefore, the time is just around the corner when this tablet aluminum finish and that you will have a AMOLED screen above 11 inches be official.


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A camera that improves a lot in this Xiaomi

Not much has been said about this component to date, but some images that have been published from the back of the equipment we are talking about have made something clear: the device will have a set of three sensors, so there will be an important evolutionary leap that could make the Xiaomi Pad 6 better than many of the phones. In what has to do with the resolutions of each element, everything indicates that they will be the following: 48+2+2MPso we talk about aids in works such as telephoto and macro.

On the other hand, in the images that have been published, some details of the design are quite clear. For example, the corners are much more rounded than in the previous model, the same thing that happens with the sides. This can make impact resistance better and grip much more comfortable. By the way, that the The camera module is very reminiscent of the new smartphones that Xiaomi put on the market lately, and this is positive for it to be completely recognizable.

Xiaomi Pad 6 rear design

A hardware that ensures high power

There are two main reasons for saying this. The first is that the processor aims to be a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which would directly place this tablet as one of those that offers the highest performance of all those that will be on the market with the Android operating system. The second reason is that RAM aims to be a minimum of 8GB (at first it was believed in the six gigabytes). This combination ensures that the tablet will be able to serve all kinds of purposes, including replacing laptops.

Other things that must be taken into account regarding the arrival of the Xiaomi Pad 6 is that its storage will start at 256GBalways with the possibility of being expanded by using microSD cards, and everything indicates that both Bluetooth 5.3 and Bluetooth 5.3 will be included in the connectivity. Wi-Fi 6, so it will be a most complete product. Its price, for now, is a mystery.


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