Xiaomi MIUI 12, a feature integrates the smartphone with Windows 10

Xiaomi MIUI 12, a feature integrates the smartphone with Windows 10If you are one of those who often switch from smartphone to computer, you will surely appreciate features such as copy paste from mobile devices. Well, you need to know that too Xiaomi has decided to target this type of users.

In particular, according to what was reported by XDA Developers (the first reports come from the Telegram group of enthusiasts called miuiknown), inlatest Beta version of MIUI 12 there would be references to a feature called “Device Control”. The latter, which apparently works through a program available for Windows 10 (and perhaps even older versions), is very similar to the possibilities offered by the “Your Phone” software of Windows 10.

Put simply, the user can connect his smartphone to the computer and interact with it in various ways, for example by controlling the mobile device from the computer. Put simply, it is trying to integrate more and more smartphones and PCs. For those who have not understood it, the goal is to speed up the operations of switching from one device to another, so it is something different and more comfortable than a common screen sharing feature.

However, the aforementioned feature announced by Microsoft works, for the moment, only with some models of Samsung smartphones. The news today, therefore, is the fact that Xiaomi is working on a feature of this type alone for MIUI 12. For the moment, it seems that the “Xiaomi Device Control” application has only appeared on some units of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, a device that may not arrive in Italy.

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In any case, it is interesting that the Chinese company is working on this possibility and could certainly create an interesting precedent. Will other companies follow in Xiaomi’s footsteps? We’ll see.