Xiaomi madness: launches a computer that occupies the same size as a Rubik’s cube

For some time the company XiaomiIn addition to offering devices that offer an excellent quality/price ratio, it is also capable of surprising -and a lot-. An example is the arrival of the second generation of a computer which, as a great attraction, has to offer some dimensions very similar to those of a Rubik’s cube (62 x 62 x 44 millimeters and its weight remains at 145 grams).

The truth is that this is an excellent solution to be able to take the computer from one place to another, since portability is maximum. And, to use it, all you need is a plug, a set of keyboard and mouse, and, of course, a screen (which can be anything from a monitor to a television, because the video output offered by the Xiaomi Rubik’s Cube II is HDMI, so we talk about excellent compatibility). Besides, in terms of connectivity, this is a device that, again, surprises, since it includes a pair of USB 2.0 ports; Memory card reader; ethernet connection; and even USB type C that serves as a power outlet. In addition, it does not lack Wi-Fi Dual BandBluetooth and headphone jack.

This is the hardware of the Xiaomi Rubik’s Cube II

Of course, for reasons of space and cooling options, you shouldn’t expect something huge. But, the truth is that it responds quite well for regular use. Thus, the processor is a Intel J4125 which includes four cores that has no problems browsing the Internet and running office applications, since among other things it is capable of reaching a frequency of up to 2.7GHz. On the other hand, there are two options RAM: 6 or 8GBbeing in both cases type DDR4.

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In what has to do with the storage disk, this is of solid technology -being M.2 type-. This allows you to choose between 128 or 256 gigabytes, and allowing the Xiaomi computer to start up in just 10 seconds (we always talk about using the Windows 10 operating system). Therefore, it is fast enough to be a good option in most cases.

Prices of the different models

There are two configurations that can be achieved from Xiaomi’s Rubik’s Cube II. The first has 6 + 128GB, and has a price of 135 euros to change. While the most complete, since it includes 8 + 256 gigabytes, go up to €162. The truth is that this equipment is most striking and, without a doubt, can be the perfect solution to take it to a friend’s house or as a complement when going on vacation or business trip.