Xiaomi launches new MIJIA Air Purified in China with 99% virus removal

Xiaomi has launched yet another product to its catalog of smart home devices: the new MIJIA Full-Effect air purifier in China. The novelty promises to offer optimal air purification thanks to its advanced technology.

The Chinese tech giant’s new air purifier is a top-of-the-line model that has a slightly four-leaf clover-like design. This arrangement is not only aesthetic, but also improves its functionality. The MIJIA Full-Effect air purifier is equipped with five sensors and an EBM DC fan, which allows the output of 12,500L per minute in air volume.

In addition, it also has a 7 layer purification which includes a primary filter, a durable filter, high energy plasma field, carbon matrix, aldehyde filter, UV module and even a self-cleaning filter. Thanks to this multilayer system, can purify a space of 90m² in just 17 minutes. The brand also promises 99.99% removal of all viruses and a formaldehyde removal rate of 99.05%.

When it’s active, emits only 30.7 decibels of sound, which means it can run in your bedroom when you’re sleeping. On the front there is also a small screen that displays all the important information.

Xiaomi announced the new purifier this Tuesday (21) in China for a starting price of 3,699 Yuan (about R$2,816). The first sale of the new air purifier will begin on the 31st of this month.

And you, what did you think of the launch? Would you bring a purifier of that power into your home? Leave your comment below!

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