Home Tech News Communication Xiaomi launches a smart water purifier and faucet with WiFi

Xiaomi launches a smart water purifier and faucet with WiFi

xiaomi launches a smart water purifier and faucet with wifi
xiaomi launches a smart water purifier and faucet with wifi

Xiaomi continues to surprise with some of its new products, and the company has launched a new and advanced smart water filtration system. This system not only incorporates the three-phase filters, but also has a built-in tap with smart functions. We go with all its characteristics.

This type of direct filtration is usually more expensive than traditional reverse osmosis, in a system that also has the advantage of being more compact and requiring a much simpler installation as it does not require a tank. The My Water purifier 1200G It has a water filtration flow of 3.2 liters per minute in immediate delivery, and 2.2 liters per minute in slow water mode if you are not ready. The water is filtered and then sent to the tap under pressure by means of a pump integrated in the kit, with a loudness of only 42 dB when it is working.

Mi Water Purifier 1200G: clean drinking water

To filter the water, the purifier has three phases, similar to the reverse osmosis kits sold in Spain, although with 8 levels of deep filtration. Those filters remove residues, particles and bad odors, leaving clean water with a very low level of dry residue. The life of the filters is up to 8 years, five times longer than those of the kits that we usually find in stores.

The tap is connected to the water filtering system, and has a TDS meter integrated. This smart meter shows on a small OLED screen the digits of the amount of dry residue that is in the water that is coming out at all times, thanks to which we can know if it is time to change the filters. The tap itself will recommend us to do it when the time comes.

It has a built-in dry residue meter

The entire system can be controlled intelligently through the mobile WiFi with the application, where we can know the value of the dry residue in the same way that we see it on the tap screen. A history with the dry residue values ​​is also saved in the app to check it more easily.

Its price is 3,499 yuan, about 458.27 euros to change. The price is considerably higher than the osmosis kits, but the result is even better, in addition to having an easier installation and taking up less space. It is currently in the reservation phase, and will be on sale from next week.