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Xiaomi launches a smart speaker with DTS and RGB sound for 39 euros

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Xiaomi does not tire of launching new products to the market, and the company has put on sale today its new smart speaker Xiaoai Speaker Art, with a powerful speaker and a multitude of smart home functions, as well as being compatible with even DTS sound.

The Xiiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art is the new speaker that becomes part of the wide ecosystem of smart speakers that Xiaomi sells in China. None of these speakers are sold outside of their home country, as they use the company’s voice assistant, which is available only in Chinese. They could launch it internationally with other voice assistants such as Google that integrate in your Xiaomi Mi Box S. At the moment, getting them is quite complicated.

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In total, Xiaomi has more than a dozen smart speakers for sale in China, including the AI ​​Speaker, Speaker Pro, Speaker HD, Speaker Mini, etc. It also has two with a screen, the Mi Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8 is the most expensive they sell at a price of 599 yuan, about 77 euros in exchange. This device is equivalent to Echo Show 8, which is worth 89.99 euros.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art

Now they have launched a new very affordable speaker. This new Xiaoai Speaker Art It has a white textured metal body, and incorporates touch buttons on the top that are used to control playback, change the volume or mute the microphone. In addition, at the top it has a RGB LED ring that offers up to 16 million colours to combine as we want.

The speaker has a full range speaker Integrated 2.5-inch, plus a U-shaped system to enhance bass. The speaker has 10,531 holes on the side to let sound pass through. Unfortunately, Xiaomi does not detail what the speaker’s RMS power is.

At the software level, as we said, it uses the Xiaomi AI, compatible with 100 million audio contents including audiobooks, stories and stories. It also allows us to connect our mobiles and use it as a Bluetooth speaker to listen to our music on it. In turn, it also serves as a home automation centre to control smart home devices.

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Its price is only 349 yuan, about 45 euros to change, although during the first days of launch it can be obtained for 299 yuan, about 39 euros to change.

Mijia 2900 mAh batteries

This week, Xiaomi has also released the Mijia Super Battery, AA batteries resistant to cold, liquid leaks and low charges. They offer a capacity of 2900 mAh, offering between two and five times more energy in the same space than other batteries, in addition to being somewhat lighter. This is achieved thanks to highly advanced internal winding technology. Also, it uses neither mercury nor cadmium. Its price is 19.9 yuan for a pack of 4, which is equivalent to 2.6 euros. During the crowdfunding, they can be purchased at 16.9 yuan, about 2.2 euros.

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