Xiaomi launches a new very powerful robot vacuum cleaner with double mop

Xiaomi launches a new very powerful robot vacuum cleaner with double mop
xiaomi launches a new very powerful robot vacuum cleaner with

Although the market for robot vacuum cleaner is not controlled by Xiaomi, the Asian company has a most interesting presence in the disc segment. Also, from time to time it releases models that are innovative because of the options they offer. An example is the one that has just been announced in China, and that lands under the umbrella of one of its sub-brands: MIJIA.

The name of the product in question is MIJIA Robot Vacuum 3S, and it has a fair number of good features, including the connection Wifi to be able to control the device through the phone with a free application that is available for iOS and Android. In addition, it also includes all the security options that are usual due to the inclusion of sensors that prevent you from falling down the stairs or tripping over objects (always in a three-dimensional environment).

The motors that make up this new Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner do not include brushes, so it has a high durability, and they allow from overcome obstacles up to two centimeters until obtaining very precise control when it comes to positioning itself near the walls to ensure complete cleaning. It is important to note that the total height of the robot vacuum cleaner is 97 millimeters, so it fits under armchairs or beds without the slightest problem.


Many functions with power and solvency

This is a model that can be used both as a vacuum cleaner and as a mop. In the first case, it should be noted that it has a suction power reaching 4,000Pa, which ensures that it is capable of removing all kinds of dirt -including many liquids-. In this way, this function is fulfilled without problems and always with high precision because it has scanning of the places in the house, which allows establishing work maps.


In what has to do with the section on the function of mop. This is where the great novelty of this model is. Includes two elements of this type in parallel that works in a much more efficient way when it comes to scrubbing (helped by three water tanks that are electrically controlled so that the exact amount of liquid that is needed at any given time is used). In other words, it has a system similar to those included in robots that clean windows, but smaller. A system has even been added to avoid humidity and that there are component problems for this reason.

A good price chosen by Xiaomi

The announcement of this equipment has been made in China, and there it will cost 1,799 yuan, which in exchange remains in about 246 euros, a most interesting figure considering everything it offers (including the double mop system). It remains to be seen if it reaches other regions, but the logical thing is that it should be so… but the exact moment in which this will happen is not known.


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