Xiaomi launches a new gaming mouse for less than 20 euros

Xiaomi launches a new gaming mouse for less than 20 euros
xiaomi launches a new gaming mouse for less than 20

The gaming business does not stop growing, something to which the main manufacturers are obviously sensitive. One of those that has a certain presence in the market is Xiaomi, which has some devices oriented precisely to a market that offers us ideal devices to enjoy them for hours with comfort and sufficiently precise so that when we play we are not defeated by certain inaccuracies in it. In this case, it is a Xiaomi gaming mouse, which offers us a simple, comfortable and striking design, as is usually the norm in products of this type.

This is the new Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite

As its own surname says, we are facing a Lite version, which offers us more humble characteristics than those of its range brothers. This time with a fairly simple design, but that contains many nods to the gaming market. Starting with the large number of buttons it has. In addition, these have been designed to last, with very resistant materials and highly durable mechanisms, it is calculated that they will be able to endure up to 80 million keystrokes in its useful life.

Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite Xiaomi

But they are other details where it shows that it is an excellent mouse to play. First for its optical sensor, which offers a resolution of up to 6200DPI, which means that it will detect every movement, no matter how slight, which in turn will result in unprecedented precision. It can also be adjusted in different resolutions of 400, 800, 1600, 3000 and 6200 DPI, so we can use it for domestic or professional tasks while we are not playing, adjusting this aspect. It is IP54 certified, which allows resistance to water or accidental splashes, for example, from a glass of drink that we have on the desk.

Also, being a wired mouse, there is no lag and the response is immediate when we play. It also has a RGB light strip, which can be adjusted in intensity and color with a combination of buttons on the mouse itself. In this way, no external software is required to configure this aspect, but everything is developed from the device itself. A device that is already in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, on its Youpin platform. It has arrived at a cost of $ 20, about 17 euros to change. Little more can be asked of a perfect mouse to play that has a really reasonable price.