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Xiaomi launches a mouse with microphone and voice assistant

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Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. However, to Xiaomi that seems to be the same, and has mixed two concepts that until now had never been united, introducing a microphone and AI in a mouse. The new Xiaomi Mouse has the Xiaomi AI to use voice commands and control it.

This new smart mouse from Xiaomi offers similar benefits to previous models of the company, although adopting a more rounded and somewhat more ergonomic design. The mouse has a built-in 750 mAh battery, which offers a duration of 30 days, or up to 180 days in standby. The connector it uses to charge is USB C.

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Complete wireless mouse with a voice assistant for just 16 euros

The mouse uses Omron switches with a guaranteed durability of 10 million clicks. The casing features 99.9% antibacterial resistance, while the wheel is metal instead of plastic. At the connectivity level, we find Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4 GHz radiofrequency with the included receiver, so we can use it basically with any device.

This connectivity is available in dual mode, being able to change from one to another by pressing and holding the left and right mouse buttons at the same time for three seconds. With this, we can use the mouse with the receiver included in a PC, and then we can quickly control a tablet or mobile via Bluetooth. We also have a thumb back button, and the wheel has a side click.

The mouse also has a microphone, and you can use the Xiaomi AI to open programs, turn off the computer, adjust the volume to the number you want, ask for the time, etc. It also has Chinese to English, Japanese and Korean translation. It also allows controlling smart home devices, such as vacuum cleaners, air conditioning, purifiers, humidifiers, etc. To activate the voice assistant we just have to press the red button under the wheel. Finally, the mouse has DPI adjustment, to choose between 1200 and 4000.

The mouse costs 129 yuan in crowdfunding, about 16.3 euros to change. Once it goes on sale, it will cost 149 yuan, about 19 euros. It will be on sale from July 1, while crowdfunding opens on the 24th.

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The Mi TV Stick leaks and its launch is imminent

This weekend the first images of the box of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, which will be officially announced before the end of the month. In it we can see everything that the player will include, including the Mi TV stick itself, USB cable, charger, remote control with microphone and manual.

Among the available apps, we find Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Disney +, HBO, Red Bull, Spotify, Twitch and Google Play Movies. Curiously, in the box, we only see “Full HD”, despite the fact that the player should be able to cope with 4K reproductions, so we may see two models similar to what Amazon does with the Fire TV Stick: one Full HD and another 4K. The price for the 4K model would be $ 49.99.

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