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Xiaomi launches a huge 30,000 mAh battery and a new fan

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Xiaomi It continues to launch new products on the market, and the company seems ready to offer all kinds of fans. After presenting the My Band 5 Yesterday (which will arrive next month in Spain), and its new Mi Notebook 14, the company has launched a compact fan that is ideal to put on the table, thus complementing the other standing fans that it has launched in recent weeks.

Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulating Fan

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The new fan, called Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulating Fan, makes, as its name indicates, “circulate the air”. Thanks to this, it is not simply dedicated to cooling ourselves, but what it does is recirculate the air of a room of up to 20 m2, being able to move up to 18 m3 per minute. Thus, if it is cool outside and it is hot outside, with this fan you can accelerate the process of cooling the house in the shortest possible time, as well as balancing the humidity of the interior with that of the exterior.

It also helps to cool down a room faster in combination with an air conditioner. At maximum power, the fan can move air up to 10 meters away. It also has soft air modes that simulate natural wind, being more comfortable than having a natural fan.

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The motor of this fan is brushless direct current (DC), making it quieter, more durable, and consumes less electricity. At our disposal, we have a five-speed adjustment, with a head that rotates 120º horizontally and 90º vertically, all fully mechanized and controllable through the Xiaomi mobile application. With the application, we can also program schedules, although at the top of the fan we have a multitude of settings for rotation, timer, on and off, etc. It is also compatible with the Xiaomi voice assistant.

The energy consumption is very low, with only 24 W. The fan weighs only 2.3 kg, and offers a maximum noise of 60 dBa. Its price is 299 yuan, about 37.3 euros to change. It will be on sale from Tuesday.

New My Notebook 15.6

The company has also released a revamped version of the My 15.6-inch Notebook Pro with 2020 hardware, balancing it with the Mi Notebook 14 announced yesterday. We found a laptop with a 15.6-inch Full HD screen and an NVIDIA MX350 graphics card.

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The base model carries a 4-core i5-10210U, 512GB SSD, and 8GB RAM. Its price is 5,699 yuan, at about 711 euros.

The most expensive model incorporates an i7-10510U, with 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB SSD. Its price is 6,999 yuan, about 874 euros.

New 30,000 mAh Power Bank 3

This new 30,000 mAh Power Bank 3 It is the highest capacity battery that Xiaomi has released to the market. It has four USB ports: two USB A (up to 18W input and output), one USB C (up to 24W input and 18W output) and a micro-USB (up to 18W input). Charging time is 7.5 hours with a 24W USB C to USB C charger. The included cable is microUSB.

The reason for launching a battery of such capacity is probably because mobiles are increasingly in demand for energy, with batteries that already exceed even 5,000 mAh, such as the Redmi Note 9 with its 5,020 mAh. Thus, you can go anywhere in the world with weeks of the battery without worrying about looking for an outlet, although in those cases the same compensates for a small solar panel. Of course, keep in mind that in some airlines the limit is 100 Wh, although in Spain and in the EU we can fly with batteries of up to 160 Wh in the cabin without a problem.

Its price is only 169 yuan, about 21 euros to change. It will be on sale on June 18.


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