Xiaomi launches a curious fan that… doesn’t need a plug to work!

Xiaomi launches a curious fan that... doesn't need a plug to work!
xiaomi launches a curious fan that... doesn't need a plug

surprise from Xiaomi. From time to time, the Asian company releases products that are different from what is on the market. And the one who just met. It is an ideal accessory for the summer, since we are talking about a fan, and it complies with what the firm usually puts on the market: advanced and solvent options… and a spectacular price.

The product in question is called Xiaomi MIJIA 1X and, among the options that attract attention, is that can be controlled with the phone if the corresponding free app is installed (which is compatible with iOS and Android). The fact is that changing the speed or the type of rotation can be done in this way -and, of course, with a button panel that is integrated into the ventilated itself in its rear area. The fact is that by including wireless connectivity.

The most curious thing about this Xiaomi fan

Well, it is nothing other than that it does not need a plug to work (although it is possible to use one if desired). This is achieved because it has a special take at the base of the accessory -this makes it very clear that we are dealing with a floor model, it must be said-, which allows connect a cable that can go directly to an external battery (or power bank). This ensures that you can use the device anywhere, even if there is no electricity.


You are probably wondering what is the autonomy offered by the Xiaomi MIJIA 1X. Well, according to the Asian company itself, if you connect a 10,000mAh battery -which is not crazy and there are models that are quite cheap-, you can enjoy air for up to 22 hours. Therefore, we are talking about more than enough time for the use of this form to be quite satisfactory.

Other good details of this accessory

On the one hand, there is the one that has different modes of use. This allows you to configure the speed at which it works easily and, by extension, the noise it makes. At maximum power allowed by its system of seven blades capable of sending 24.5 cubic meters of air per minute, it reaches 53dB. But there is a more than useful way night that stays at 25.6dB. This means that it is barely noticeable, since it is more or less the noise that a modern computer makes. Come on, it won’t stop you from sleeping.


On the other hand, the price is another thing that attracts attention, because at the change this Xiaomi MIJIA 1X costs about 46 euros (329 yuan). If it leaves the Asian market, something that would not be surprising, this is an accessory that may be one of the most purchased this summer.