Xiaomi is doing better than expected: it accelerates for the arrival of its electric car

Xiaomi is doing better than expected: it accelerates for the arrival of its electric car
xiaomi is doing better than expected: it accelerates for the

That Xiaomi’s commitment to electric cars It is total, it is something that is more than clear. But, in addition, it seems that things are being done very well, since the news that is arriving about the firm’s future model is usually positive… Something that contrasts with the company that will be one of its great rivals: Tesla. The fact is that new details regarding the arrival of the vehicle have been known and, again, they are good.

The data has been provided by Lei Jun, who is the CEO of Xiaomi and who is fully involved in the development of the electric car (even real tests in all kinds of conditions have him in the cars). This has confirmed that times are getting shorter little by little, and that everything suggests that the entry into production of the electric car we are talking about will take place sooner than previously thought.

An acceleration that comes from a large investment

Such is the bet that Xiaomi is carrying out the firm is important. Has 2,300 people working on the project and, apart from the existing factory in Beijing, it has already been confirmed that the contracting phase is underway to open a second one that would have the capacity to produce almost 300,000 vehicles a year. Therefore, Xiaomi goes all out with this car that could be called Modena EV (something that is not 100% confirmed, but the truth is that this is not a bad nomenclature).


The fact is that Jun has communicated on his social networks how well things are going, at least for the moment, which is more than likely that the production of the car (on a small scale) begins this same year 2023. That is to say, that one would be accelerated almost completely. This makes it quite clear that in 2024 the vehicle could start to be sold. Of course, first in China and, later, if the corresponding certifications are obtained in other regions -everything indicates that this will be the case-. So things are going smoothly, it seems, and the investment report could be out sooner than expected.

Lots of entertainment options

This is one of the options that is not talked about much, but that can be completely differential in the Xiaomi Modena EV. Due to the experience that the manufacturer has in the telephone sector, since it has its own Android-based MIUI customization, everything indicates that advanced software will be offered so that those who drive the car have the best possible time. In addition, it has also been reported that work on autonomous driving is going very wellwith the company intending to supply other manufacturers with its advances if the appropriate agreements are reached.


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