Xiaomi increases the commitment to its electric car and they go with everything for the Tesla

Xiaomi increases the commitment to its electric car and they go with everything for the Tesla
xiaomi increases the commitment to its electric car and they

The company Xiaomi intends to break into the electric car market with force, where he sees a very interesting future and believes that he has the necessary wickers to stand up to any manufacturer, including Tesla. It has been known that the Asian firm has increased its investment in this part of its company to meet deadlines and offer a product of the highest possible quality.

In a meeting with investors, the CEO of Xiaomi itself, Lei Jun (who is fully involved in the development of the electric car), has indicated that the means in the firm have increased. A clear example of this is that There are already more than 2,300 workers who participate in the development of the vehicle of which we speak -which has already been tested even in the snowy streets-. This means that it is possible that the deadlines for both the start of mass production and the sale can be accelerated. And this would be especially positive for the company.

Dates for the mass production of the Xiaomi car

Well, taking into account the aforementioned, in the same meeting the director of the company has indicated that they expect start mass production in 2024, which means a small advance compared to what was expected (usually 2025 was always indicated as the beginning of this phase of production). Therefore, it seems that Xiaomi is very optimistic about how the whole process will go that will lead the company to compete with Tesla and the rest of the manufacturers that are committed to the EV market.


Besides, it has also been made clear that the commitment to autonomous driving is very strong and has been indicated to be expected to be one of the crucial and differentiating elements regarding the competition. And these are big words because companies like Tesla have been developing their own for a long time. We will have to see what they have prepared in Xiaomi, but it seems that very important news is coming. The point is that it has been indicated that they will soon have 140 cars in real tests to become a leader in this field also in 2024.

Diversify earnings in this segment

Apart from the sales of the cars themselves, Lei Jun has indicated that the software will be a fundamental element to be profitable as soon as possible. The sale of autonomous driving to third parties is not ruled out if necessary and, also, offer associated entertainment services that allow Xiaomi to add value and income. The truth is that it seems that he has everything right thinking about the company… and this should make Elon Musk think a lot.


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