Xiaomi has the portable printer you need to do any job

Brian Adam

Xiaomi has the portable printer you need to do any job

Surely it has ever happened to you that you have missed having a printer on hand to take a photo, or a drawing, or a reminder of something you want to put on the fridge door with a magnet.

A small, simple device that does not take up space and that if possible we can carry in our pocket to use with our mobile or computer, depending on what we need.

As we have been dreaming, surely you have thought that we were little less than asking “the mother of all printers”, but it is not. Each of those wishes is capable of being fulfilled by the Xiaomi Papering P1 Pocket Printer that the Chinese have put up for sale and that promises to become a kind of must-have.


Dual-mode for mobile and computers

This printer has the appearance of an instant camera, and surely the Chinese have had these Fujifilm Instax in mind during their garish development colours that are so eye-catching. In this case, it is a thermal printer; that is, it works similarly to the terminals of the shops that print the purchase tickets.