Xiaomi has no end: launches an external battery with fast charging at a crazy price

Xiaomi has no end: launches an external battery with fast charging at a crazy price
xiaomi has no end: launches an external battery with fast

If there is a company that is capable of tirelessly launching products to the market, this is it. Xiaomi. If today it was also known that he was putting Hi-Res headphones on the market, now it has been known that he does the same with a Extreme battery that offers excellent compatibility and also has a devastating price. We tell you what this accessory offers that is most interesting and useful.

The model we are talking about exactly is the Xiaomi Power Bank Built-in Cable. The accessory offers something that is sought in this type of product, always a compact size combined with a significant load (for at least two full services on current smartphones). Also, and this is positive, A USB Type-C cable is included in the case itself so you don’t have to look for anything to use this device.

Another detail of this product is that its price is very low… you could say demolishing. In China, which is where it has been announced, this accessory costs only 129 yuan, which is equivalent to approximately 18 euros to change. It is to be expected, by the way, that the equipment will be put up for sale outside that country, and Europe is a more than likely destination.


Options offered by this Xiaomi battery

Available in two colors: gold and blue, this is a model that has good connectivity, since apart from the aforementioned cable, it also includes a USB type A port. There are also four LED lights that indicate the remaining battery capacity, so you can always know this information in a very visual way.

Another detail to note that this Xiaomi product is that it offers maximum working power that reaches up to 22.5W, so it can be perfectly said that we are talking about an accessory that has fast charging. If you wonder about the capacity of this equipment, the one it offers is 10,000mAhso its usefulness is beyond doubt when you leave home.


Many protection options

This is something important and that, sometimes, is not given due attention. Xiaomi Power Bank Built-in Cable has various security technologies that protect against possible failures during the charging process. Thus, for example, the prevention of short circuits and overloads is ensured, providing peace of mind when using it (everything necessary is also included so that high temperatures are not a problem).


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