Xiaomi has a rival for the Thermomix and its design is spectacular

Brian Adam

The Xiaomi company has been demonstrating for a long time that it wants to be in all possible sectors of technology, not only in smartphones and electric scooters. This company has an impressive product catalog, which is even bigger in other countries like China, where even more gadgets arrive. The company has decided that it also wants to enter the kitchen robot market, and has launched its Mijia Cooking Robot to stand up to Thermomix and other brands. We tell you more about this new device.


As we say, the Xiaomi company has been launching gadgets and products of all kinds with great quality and for all consumers with reasonable prices for a long time. This new kitchen robot, which is already available in China, promises to be quite a rival for other brands that are much more established in the market like the Thermomix itself.

This is the Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot

This Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot is the first kitchen robot that Xiaomi launches on the market, although it promises to be a revolution in the sector. It is not the first gadget that Xiaomi launches for the kitchen, although it is the most sophisticated to date. It is obvious by its appearance that we are before a high quality product and that it is sure to be a worldwide hit when it is released on the global market.

If we look at the design of this new Xiaomi device, we are going to see how we are dealing with a very minimalist kitchen robot with a black color that stars in almost the entire exterior section of this kitchen robot. What is most striking is undoubtedly its large color screen, an 8-inch touch screen with which we can interact and control all aspects of the device. Thanks to it we will have the opportunity to access more than 200 smart recipes, all of them with their own video so that we don’t miss any of their details.


The Mijia Cooking Robot is divided into three very different parts: the base, the touch screen that we mentioned earlier, and the cooking container. The entire device has dimensions of 413x316x344 millimeters, and has a weight of 13.8 kilograms. As Xiaomi itself explains, this new kitchen robot is capable of doing 35 different cooking functionsamong which we can find steaming, kneading noodles and cooking at low temperatures, just to name a few examples.

The device has a total power of 1,700W, and has a motor that supports a rotation speed of 40 to 12,000 rpm, both forwards and backwards. Thanks to the self-designed CookingloT algorithm, the Mijia Cooking Robot is capable of intelligently calculating details such as the cooking temperature or the cooking time of each dish. In addition, thanks to the arrangement of its cooking container, it is capable of cooking three dishes and a soup at the same time. We cannot forget that it can reach a heating temperature of 180 degrees.

The Mijia Cooking Robot has only been released in China at the moment, and it has done so for a pre-sale price of 5,999 yuan. To find out what the price of this new Xiaomi device will be and its launch date in our country, we will still have to wait a bit.