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Xiaomi has a new 5G router in case you don’t want to hire fiber at home

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Today almost all of us are used to having fiber optics in our homes. The router connected to the ONT (or directly to the fiber in case of taking it inside) is already one of more of our homes, but that is not the only way to have a stable Internet at home. 4G and 5G routers have been with us for over a decade, and are a great option if you don’t want to have a fiber setup or want something portable to take with you wherever you want. Xiaomi prepares to launch a new model on the marketand we tell you everything we know about him.

As we say, this technology is nothing new at all, and in fact almost all operators have been offering it for several years. Its operation is very simple, since, as its name indicates, what they offer us is have WiFi through a 4G or 5G connection depending on the coverage we have (and depending on the type of router we use). There are many manufacturers that are bringing models of this type to the market, and there are more and more consumers who are betting on this comfortable and useful technology.

First details of the Xiaomi 5G router

To date, the brand that has the most presence in the market for this type of technology is Huawei, something that of course Xiaomi is preparing to reverse. As is often the case with all kinds of products, the first details we get almost always tend to come from “leaks” from databases that they go through. In this case, the new Xiaomi 5G router has been discovered in an IMEI database.

This new router will have the commercial name of Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro, and the model number “CB0401”. It is true that, as you can see in the image, this database does not give much more information about it apart from its existence, but knowing Xiaomi it is clear that we can expect a 5G router with great connectivity, with Wi-Fi 6 support and with an elegant design very much in line with the rest of the brand’s products.

Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro IMEI

This is how the Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro (Xiaomiui) is registered

This record is not indicative that the Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro will hit the market soonsince it is quite likely that it is still in a development or testing phase.

One thing that is clear is that it is a very smart move by the Chinese company to enter a market that is growing. 5G connections offer a huge leap in quality compared to 4G, and for example in our country more and more cities have a good 5G signal available. Thanks to this, these routers will soon be a great option for which only a SIM card with data is necessaryand in the next Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro we will have an option to take into account.

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