Xiaomi goes for Google and Amazon: presents a new Mi TV Box 4K

Xiaomi goes for Google and Amazon: presents a new Mi TV Box 4K
Xiaomi Goes For Google And Amazon: Presents A New Mi

Xiaomi has been putting some more than interesting set-top boxes (STB) in stores for some time, with Google TV (formerly Android TV) seeking to break through in a market in which there are more and better alternatives every day. And to show a button: In the last month, both Google and Amazon have introduced new versions of their HDMI devices, with careful updating of its interfaces, all aimed at showing at a glance all the content available on the many streaming platforms that we have at our disposal.

So this move by Xiaomi was even predictable, so has run to show a small preview of what your new Mi TV Box 4S will be like, which stands out for making the leap to 4K, something that is already essential for many users who, in a generalized way, have decided to buy a UHD TV in recent times.

Similar on the outside, changed on the inside

The design of this Xiaomi Mi TV Box 4S will not be strange to you because it is continuous with respect to other previous models. In addition, it is good news that we have it available in two colors, black and white, in case we have a preference for a specific one. For the rest, you can see the weight loss work carried out by the Chinese, with a more compact and lightweight device.

New Xiaomi Mi Box 4S. Xiaomi

If it looks familiar to us on the outside, It is inside where Xiaomi has taken pains to add elements that make it even more powerful and useful. For example with the Wi-Fi connection, which is now dual band and, therefore, will allow us to connect it to both 2.4 and 5GHz access points. And it was logical that this was the case, because 4K resolution needs a speed boost to maintain the bitrate.

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Obviously, this Xiaomi Mi TV Box 4S stands out for its compatibility with all 4K content from streaming platforms and movies that we have bought (or rented), for example, in Play Movies, it also offers HDR support and the internal storage has gone from 2GB of the previous model (Android TV Box) to 8 of the present, which will allow us install many more apps and content stored within the STB.

Although there are still data and specifications to know, Xiaomi will reveal new details throughout the day tomorrow, although the release date is more than fixed: it will be November 1 and it will land in stores (currently Asian) at a price of 289 yuan, that is, about 38 euros to change.