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Xiaomi fines company that leaked design of its first electric car

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THE Xiaomi fined 1 million yuan (approximately BRL 750,000) the auto parts manufacturer that leaked images that confirmed the bumper design of its first electric car.

On its official page on the Weibo social network, a Xiaomi spokesman did not confirm the name of the company that violated the confidentiality agreement, but he made it very clear that the company must punish suppliers who leak information to the press.

The 1 million yuan fine is just “economic compensation” for violating the agreement. We also instruct the supplier to strengthen its information security management and develop plans and measures to comply with the confidentiality treaty.

Image/reproduction: BAIC.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun also reposted the spokesman’s statement on his official profile, confirming that the brand will not tolerate leaks when it comes to its first electric car.

Xiaomi’s general public relations manager also reinforced that everything that has been leaked so far about the vehicle is just basic designs that do not represent the final product.

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He also said that Xiaomi has been making several quotes with suppliers in the automotive market and the constant leaks have come out of this process. However, the company will start to be tougher with those who have been sharing the material improperly.

That is, the Xiaomi that produces electric cars will have a very different position from the Xiaomi of smartphones, since the latter is much more tolerant of leaks from its products.

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