Xiaomi falls short of 4K and launches a new Mi Box 4S Pro with 8K

Xiaomi falls short of 4K and launches a new Mi Box 4S Pro with 8K
Xiaomi Falls Short Of 4k And Launches A New Mi

It is not a debate that is on the street but among those who are passionate about technology, you can hear them talking (heatedly at times) about If it makes sense to jump to 8K when 4K content is still scarce. At least as far as traditional television is concerned and pay channels that broadcast on those already exceeded 1,080p. So it never hurts to prepare for when the time comes for that UHDV resolution, right?

The fact is that the 8K begins to sound and not only because of the interest of some brands, such as Samsung above all, that this standard be extended, but for example as a standard for the broadcast of the Olympic Games to be held in 2021. The Anyway, whether for one reason or another, Xiaomi has decided to have a set-top box (STB) ready in case that explosion occurs in the near future.

Xiaomi climbs into the future

This new STB that has just been presented is a Mi Box 4S to which they have put the tag of Pro for that of differing from the previous model with 4K resolution. A device that maintains the design of the range and that, at least as can be read in its advertising, It is available from yesterday, November 5, at a price of 399 yuan that, to the change, suppose about 50 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro. Xiaomi

This Xiaomi Mi Box arrives with a Google TV installation (formerly Android TV), 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage to install all kinds of television and streaming applications and, very importantly, an HDMI 2.1 connector that is the only one capable of supporting the transmission speeds that support an 8K signal.

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Obviously, to achieve frame sizes like this (7,680 x 4,320 in 16: 9 and 8,192 x 4,320 in 17: 9) it will be necessary to have either a really fast Wi-Fi connection compatible with 5GHz routers, or an ethernet port for wired networks which are always the most reliable. As you know, These Xiaomi Mi Box have their MIUI customization layer, bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with the Chinese virtual assistant, to which we can give voice commands. Hopefully, with a possible launch in the West, Google and Alexa are available.

For the rest of the features we will have to wait for the full launch of this Mi Box 4S Pro, and so on know in detail other components such as image, sound certifications, etc., as well as other special features. And even if you don’t have 8K TV, nothing happens either: you buy it and you already have STB ready for the next … eight years?